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Program Split Sec.

From : tim fisher

Q: thanks tom... lot of helpful info here. question concerning the o2 sensors. after removing the o2 sensors will it effect the engine performance or computer in any way if so how do i handle that problem second question any links on where to buy a good set of headers ceramic coated maybe. how about stainless steel to help prevent rusting what do you recommend for the remaing exhaust system i would like to keep the spare tire hanging. thanks ahead of time ron any pros or cons for installing headers nothing than the usual header cons - hotter underhood temps more susceptible to gasket leaks could rust out over time.. the power gains are decent however. i say go for it. if youre going to keep the truck for more than a few years id look into having them ceramic coated. either way get a starter heat shield. the drivers side header pipe will pass very close to the starter. stuck starter solenoids suck. youll also want to get different ignition wires - get ones designed for higher temps. the ones i have use heavy silicone boots with a reflective coating on them. havent burned one up yet. how about any sensors on the exhaust system how do i handle them and will it effect the engine unplug the electrical connector then remove the o2 sensors. either use an o2 socket or a box-end or flare-type wrench. what other problems will i run into typical exhaust system problems - rusted bolts clamps... have a good penetrating oil handy as well as several different cutting tools cut-off wheel reciprocating saw etc.. if youre discarding the old system theres no reason to be neat about it. cut what you cant easily unbolt. the stock hangers can sometimes be a bitch - the metal rods with the barb on the end that fit through the rubber isolators... cut the rod at the 90 bend and remove the cut piece with the barb from the other side. its a whole lot easier. when installing new just coat the barb with some grease. the hardest part by far will be installing the headers - not a lot of room to work with around the rear cylinders but its doable done it twice now .