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Power Door Lock Malfunction

From : benjamin taylor

Q: thanks that worked. apparently that was the intended access point because it was going to be extremely difficult to get above the transmission. i was able to access mine by pulling off the boot around the 4wd shift lever. this allowed me to get to the electrical connection on top of the transmission. i am attempting to replace my pre-cat oxygen sensor on my 1997 ram however i cannot seem to get to it. has anyone found an easier way to get to the sensor. also for a while my check engine light was reporting too rich/too lean for my post-cat sensor and i never replaced it. eventually the light went off and stayed off. recently my engine began to hesitate when i accelerated and the check engine light came back on. this time the check engine light read that the pre-cat sensor was responding too slow. could this be related to my engine problems aka the sensor failing and reacting thus altering my injecting stream -- --- benjamin taylor --- .


From : jon skelton

roy wrote lets face it jerry at times you can be a little prick. sorry but i had to. gbfg roy thats true ............ but do you really want to hear t-bones ranting about cafe regulations again. just went through that several months ago. kind of like the movie groundhog day. naw id rather watch him spin. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .

From : m g

hell yes i was there i remember you were also i was about 6 or 7 years old bg i think you were around drivers license age havent had any time for mochines been vacationing checking out spreads in montana wyoming ndak sdak and idaho. got to mandan nd in time for the 4th of july rodeo next weekend the big one in sheridan wy then next the cheyenne wy frontier days and i aint talking sheep or ranch spreads either. btw the other day i was in a schucks store out here and saw a montana emergency kit it contains some high boots so the ewes cant kick you some velcro jeans and rubbers!!!!!!! thats my story and im sticking to it !!!!!!!! vbg top post!!! the old sage speaks. you were probably there. nice to see that ya finally got unhooked from the machine .

From : benjamin taylor

and consumer demand is usually generated by good advertising. bullshit. consumer demand is created by the right product at the right time. no it is created by the perception of the right product at the right time sorta like pet rocks and mood rings. well i hear they rent trucks and the stores actually deliver that stuff so youve still got no excuse from the blame you are spreading around. they do now but didnt when i bought mine. bullshit. you didnt buy your truck in 1945. lumber yards have been delivering building materials for at least 50 years. i was referring to the rental trucks that lowes and hd now rent to their customers. getting small amounts of the materials delivered can add up to more than they actually cost me and then i have to wait for them. ya know i try really i do to ignore your terrible usage of plurals and word form but it all speaks to how educated you are... or are not. typos thats one thing but dammit its themselves oh get over it max. get over it hell its the biggest laugh of all you claim to be knowledgable you act in a condescending manner towards anyone that disagrees with you. you deny facts with proven sources on a whim and then after all that expect us to believe you have enough education to back your silly bullshit but you cannot even use the language properly. sorry max but spinning to a different subject will not work for you here. itll be fun reading your lame uneducated bullshit replies on the rest of this thread. no need for me to rebut you already look so stupid it would be hard to make you look any more the fool than you already do. lol i knew it. first the lame attempt to change the subject and now the bail out. you really are just so predictable. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : bscuda

nope. i just know when to shut up. g denny wimp!!! -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving nah white makes things look bigger. thats why i dont own white t shirts. roy nope im not gonna say it not at all. im just gonna sit here and keep my fingers still. it really hurts but im not gonna type it............ denny .