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Please dont hate me ,,,, it's about a F#rd

From : nathan

Q: glad to see that you are okay. there have been numerous problems with deer around here. moose further north have been coming through the windshield when hit. roy further north than you theyre going over the vehicles. one of them was named prancer i think --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.500 / virus database 298 - release date 7/10/2003 .


From : neil nelson

yup its a great deal for some nice rims. i want to build a patio so the rims got to go. in us funds that is $1309.97 what a steal. looking to sell tires and rims together but will sell seperatly. 6 lug 16 rims and tires. tires - michelin ltx m/s brand new rims - american racing pythons polished aluminum quoted to buy from canadian tire $2500.00 tax included lug nuts caps tires and rims all for sale for $1800 can for more info or to make an offer send e-mail to or call 506-867-5537 ask for aaron happy truckin .

From : trey

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From : trey

try a fuel pressure gauge. there could be plenty pressure at idle but as soon as the fuel demand goes up the pressure could go down from a bad pump or regulator could also check the vacuum. make sure its good. i forget what its supposed to be.. i think around 25 inches or something.... its been a while. what about fuel pump that is 1 thing that will cause engine to idle smooth and bogg down under a load .