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Pearl Harbor Day

From : beekeep

Q: here is a strange one to me. at time my heater motor fan will not come on. i notice that when this happens that when i shut the truck off and take the key out the steering wheel is not locked. if i turn the key one and bounce the tilt wheel up and down a few time i can get it to work. this is on my 2003 dodge ram diesel. any thoughts on what is going one here thanks .


From : mac davis

im looking for a used dodge. who do you folks recommend as an honest dealer in alabama georgia or north florida .

From : budd cochran

so they dont make truly stainless steel exhaust systems that dont rust at all rust. my stainless steel kitchen knives dont rust so why should this are your kitchen knives constantly exposed to heat acids and moisture on one side and water and road salt on the other rust is the result of oxidation of iron. stainless steel although containing a fair amount of chromium and nickel is still mostly iron. .