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From : phil

Q: go with at least a 3.21 gear.. i have 2.76s on my aspen stock and i hate them. if you are in the bonney lake area i know where you can get a rear out of another aspen just gotta help me flip the car over and pull it. carl im building a 39 plymouth pickup streetrod. after months of searching and running into dead-end after dead-end on aftermarket parts i decided the easiest way to accomplish my goal was to convert a late-model frame. that way ill get the parts availability and ease of service i want. after careful measuring i determined the 72-94 dodge pickup standard cab/8 box frame was a very close match. i bought a rusted-out 85 d150 le for a couple hundred usd and converted the 39s body mounts to fit that. i plan to lower the frame 3 overall. to accomplish this i plan to install a 8 3/4 above the leaf spings in the rear and use 3 drop spindles up front. this way i wont need to re-engineer the steering geometry. also im rebuilding a 73 340 360 crank 9.5-1 ratio pistons .030 overbore and will be using a 727 at. i need information for the following does anyone know of an aftermarket supplier of lowering kits for the 72-94 dodge trucks does anyone recall what years chrysler used the 8 3/4 rears on dodge trucks i believe they switched to 9 1/4 rears in the late 70s or early 80s but im not sure what suregrip gear set ratio do you think would be good for city/highway use in this application i was thinking somewhere in the 2.94 thru 3.55 range. -- please respond to group. .