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Opinions on 2003 Durango R/T please.

From : scott collins

Q: and what other petroleum-based products are you referring to. i dont know anyone that ever changed the brake or power steering fluid on any of their daily drivers. i know plenty. if you dont change your brake fluid well i feel sorry for you. brake fluid gets contaminated absorbs water lowers its boiling point and just becomes generally crappy. i flush my systems every two years. same with power steering fluid. as far as engine oil it is under much greater abuse and exposure then trans fluid was in the older transmissions. its exposed to more dirt true which is why it gets changed more frequently then trans fluid. if you think the inside of a transmission is pristine think again. what happens when clutch material wears what happens when the fluid is constantly heated and cooled what happens to it when its subjected to high pressures over and over again or drain plug on it but that seems to no longer be the case with these new overdrive automatics. it is too bad that the manufacturers have chosen to screw the customer in order to save a little money by not making the required changes. whatever... bottom line is these systems need to be maintained and part of that maintenance is regular fluid changes. it doesnt take very long its relatively cheap and its just plain dumb not to do it. .


From : joe

the steering wheel shakes a bit the rear of the vehicle seems worse. ive had the tires balanced 3 times & they are wearing very well and almost dont even need any weights on them. they are new as are the shocks. the tires are 6ply and the shocks are stiff that may have contributed to the final outage of the joints. i have always suspected the bearings but havent replaced them yet. looks like ill be more involved this weekend with it. does it feel like a side to side vibration or up and down are your tires worn in spots you can always have your tire balance checked and your shocks checked. .

From : scott collins

scott collins wrote in since im now a father my regular cab ram 2500 4x4 cummins isnt quite big enough to haul everybody around. of course it will haul everything else around! - so im now looking at selling the ram and getting an suv or maybe even a new ram hd quad cab. right now dodge is offering $4500 cash allowance on durangos including the r/t model. this makes them very affordable especially when local dealers have a lot on their lots they are more likely to deal. i need to have the 5.9 l engine to get the towing capacity i need 6000 lb boat/trailer combo. the 5.9 l equipped r/t with the 3.92 rear-end will tow 7100 lbs. a little extra room to spare but not quite like what i have with the ram...... i know that dodge will be releasing a redesigned durango later this year as a 2004 thus the huge cash allowance. the new r/t is reported to have the 5.7 l hemi which would really kick ass. but good luck working a great deal and say good buy to the $4500 cash allowance. id rather have the 2004 but it is hard to justify the extra $$$$ just to pick up 100 more hp and only 40 more tq. but the new body style based on the concept is very appealing. additionally im not crazy about buying the first year of a newly redesigned truck. so anybody have an r/t from 2003 or even prior years any particular comments good or bad mileage reliability performance im already used to the right pull on the ram so if it has that i wont even notice...... the hds have a $2500 cash allowance but it would cost about $4500 more than the durango. not that much in terms of payments about $70 a month. well thanks in advance for any advice. scott collins 98 ram 2500 4x4 cummins 12 valve newcastle wa scott get the 03 durango r/t and buy a kenne bell blower for it with the $4500 cash back. ; joe black 03 dakota 5.9 r/t cc calypso green 93 mustang 5.0 lx hatch with a few goodies .

From : tim or marty shephard

blasted thing came on at 60k. did all the other recommended interval maintenance so how do i shut off the idiot light 2.5l club cab 91 dakota. thanks! -ron .

From : joe

hehe the c6 in the 78 e150 outlasted two 351ws. i dont believe it ever consumed a drop of fluid. neither did it ever get changed js the c-6 is probably the most rugged unit ever built in 10 years ive seen exactly one with gear-train damage 6.9 diesel 4wd in an f-250 farmer was trying to get two 200-bushel wagonloads of corn out of a muddy field he put it in 4-lo-loc poured the coals to it just as the second wagon got onto the road he heard a bang split the front planet carrier in two last time fords worked right probably surprised at how often you people with your slush bucket trannys change oil the last one i owned had 190000 miles when traded off that dad bought new i purchased it from him at around 95000 miles and never had the pan off. but that was a 1976 ford with a c-6 to bad they dont still make them like they used to. gary carter 1996 15005.24x45-speed in all honesty if they require as much service as you suggest they should be adapted to allow for it. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving and the guy who wrote that spec is going to pay to fix yours ignoramus14973 ignoramus14973@nospam.14973.invalid wrote in message wrote every 12-15 k every 6-10 k if you tow every oil change if you tow heavy or more than 50% of the time i thought the spec said 40k miles on dodge ram pickups. i have a trans oil cooler. hd package i robs440 wrote in message every 25000 i think is normal dont recall off the top of my head. tom lawrence wrote in message unlike the engine oil which is expected to be drained relatively often the transmission oil may last the life of the vehicle tell me - why do you think transmission fluid is immune to contamination break-down and general used-up-ed-ness that every other petroleum-based product exhibits .

From : nathan d olmscheid

on tue 24 jun 2003 191406 -0500 mike simmons wrote yep.. sounds like ya found a keeper.. *s* no mac.... i guess im stuck..... ^... itll be 28 years on saturday so i guess im committed or need to be ^ mike on sun 22 jun 2003 183323 -0500 mike simmons wrote mike... dont do it.... after 2 divorces i can tell ya from experience that its cheaper to buy two new trucks and have custom gauges installed than it is to get one divorce.. *lol* roy i had the pillar pod on my 97 br and liked it very well. i would do the same with my 03 dr but they have conveniently placed a grab handle on the a pillar that momma uses to get in the truck when she drives it. if it werent for that i would use the pillar mount setup again....... ....hmmmmmm.... maybe just get a taller wife...... yeah thats the ticket....... a middle aged gal about 18 with big ....... ^ mike im going to mount the gauge in a gauge mount on the steering column and mount the sending unit in the oil pan. mike after all the reading i did on the tdr and elsewhere the consensus was that the most accurate location for the sender was in the line heading to the cooler. heres a # of a line that has a port that will accommodate a sender 5011244aa. you mention the column pod. i tried one on my 2k and found it to be in the way of the instrument panel also had to sorta look hard to locate it and read felt i was taking my eye off the road too long. went to the pillar mount and no problem. ymmv roy ignoramus14973 ignoramus14973@nospam.14973.invalid wrote in message i intend to install a trans temp gauge permanently when i drop the pan to service the trans for the first time. how do you do it i .

From : yum

drawthrough o-ring the heads the turbo is much gentler to the combustion process than a roots or wormgear blower mainly because of the air temp. roots at 17 lbs of boost is around 600 degrees. turbo at 31 lbs of boost is around 225 degrees with intercooling. water injection also adds to keeping the heads from breaking. inventor. so tell us how you keep the 4 bolt-per-cylinder heads from blowing gaskets is this a blow-thru or draw-thru set up i see more crap here than info. yum wrote i use to turbo-charge 340 motors. about 1600 hp and 2200 ft lbs. just drop the compression to 6to1 360 degree piston rings dry sump oil system milodon girdle drill the oil passages and add crossover line 2 t-04 turbos ak miller manafold swap the manafolds side to side weld turbo boxes on the manafolds 1100 cfm dominator holly set waste gate to 31 lbs boost and hold on tight. fits nice in a duster. inventor. if you plan to keep the boost under 10 psi you really do not need an intercooler. budd wrote hi guys subject line says it all. i have chased the web and find that most supercharger kits start with the 96 or 97 and not the 95. any idea who sells a supercharger for this year why not the 95 id prefer a centrifical not turbo with intercooler. suggestions gratefully received. -- kind regards jenny and her tribe of survivors. -- --- budd cochran .