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Q: the problem seems to be denial. i havent been able to find any tsbs on the subject but i have talked to other owners that have discovered the problem and i have seen a few posts on the subject as well. the dealerships and the company say there is no problem and this releasing of the brakes is normal. what i meant was if the other dakotas you test-drove didnt have the problem then this one should not have had it. iow someone is feeding you a line of bull about it being a common problem. did you look for a tsb about it have other dak owners had the problem budd texasfireguy wrote i appreciate your advice but i did do some research before my purchase. and i did try damn near every truck on the market. and i never mentioned changing the bore of the master cylinder i was not the original poster. thanks anyway. then you should have done a bit of research before your purchase imho. gone to other dealers and tried similar vehicles for example. anyway its dangerous changing the bore of the master cylinder could make it worse. and it still sounds like a contamination problem. budd texasfireguy wrote those were the first things i checked. it should be noted that this problem has been happening since purchase and ive spoken with several dqc 4x4 owners who said they had the same complaint. not that ive heard but it does sound like you have either contaminant probs with the disk brakes water most likely or youve allowed air to get in low brake fluid level. the first on is the more likely to give the problems you state. you might try giving the from system a good flushing and bleeding. budd texasfireguy wrote im still tryin. it would help if the dealerships one of which is owned by my wifes uncle would admit theres something wrong. i believe the problem is that this is so widespread a problem they dont want to get into it. it cant. thats why you need to get them fixed. budd texasfireguy wrote in my 02 dqc i can stomp on the brakes and the front will grab for a second and then release for a few seconds. this has been the source of more than a few serious scares. i brought it to 3 different 5 star service departments and they all told me it was normal with the rear abs. how in the hell can the rear abs cause the front non-abs brakes to release my 02 dakota has the same problem with the same brake setup. i can 2 foot the brake pedal and the fronts wont lock unless thay are on ice or snow. kevin campbell then you need to have it towed to the shop. you have serious problems if the front disks wont lock. budd dick wrote i only have the std. rear only abs. when i need to stop it doesnt! scary question do you have abs ill bet you do. if you have thats why you cant lock up. budd dick wrote my 97s brakes are dangerous when in a panic stop situation like im sliding on ice. no lockup.i just ordered a master cylinder 15/16 vs 1 on 97 & a booster for 10.5-31 x 15 tires off a 2000 durango. anybody see any problems with this replacement/conversion i noticed in 2000 dodge offered 11 rear drums as an option does anyone here have them on their dakota or have an opinion on converting mine i assume i would have to replace the preportioning valve also anything else besides backing plates w/ shoes etc.& drums cables from doaner truck. i know disc would be better but cost is too high. dick .