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From : steve

Q: on wed 23 jul 2003 133235 -0400 tbone wrote oh ok. iow with the exception of the weather and the bible belt mentality it is exactly the same as just about every other populated area in the us. for a minute there i thought that is was something for me to worry about. as it appears i will be moving there myself. thanks for the information on u-haul i think that i will go with budget. lol. i thought he was writing about my area! mine too. what is it exactly that you dont like about nc the heat humidity the lack of personal/professional growth in a stagnant economy. im out west. no humidity issue just rust from all the rain. the economy sucks. the high tech. industry took a dump and there went the economy. same here. m sick of a small time local government trying to play big time yep. here too. not too bad here. actually our last pos governor phucked the economy up so bad they cant afford to do anything. im sick of the electronic surveillance such as the photographic stop lights. photo radar and photo red light out here. sux. me i think if you are gonna get a ticket you at least ought to be able to bitch at whoever is giving to you. getting it in the mail is the ultimate big time suck. all for revenue. that is currently not legal here at the moment with the exception of the easy-pass lanes on the parkway. im sick of a local school system that sucks big time here too. my state can not even figure out how to fund public schools next year. schools got out early this year because the state and school districts ran out of money. the school system here depends on that city or township that you live in. and im sick of being a community where half the citizens are on welfare. ok you got me here. not that much here. a lot of jobs just most of them are in the service industry which means standing at a counter taking orders for big macs. again it depends on where you live. im sick of the tax rates lol you have got to be kidding. your taxes are next to nothing. the house that we are in contract with has the same taxe amount as the one i am currently living in and the value of that house is listed at over twice what mine is and it has 2 acres of land compared to my 75 x 135 lot. yep. in my state they are still deciding how to raise the rates to make up the deficit. taxes are so high that they are afraid of every normal option since theyd be recalled. they are trying to figure out the best ways to hide the tax increases so we dont notice it until later. the bible-belt mentality and the growing lack of privacy amongst a growing list. bible belt mentality is more of a problem in some areas than others. the growing lack of privacy is a national trend. look for that to continue for a while. try forever. .