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Q: sorry max wrong again. while the nhtsa may handle both crash testing and mpg they did not write the article that we are talking about. interesting i looked at that link rick posted and it says right in the article that the stats were from nhtsa studies. i also see that nhtsa was the organization ordered by the president to pursue tighter mpg regs. funny both mentioned nhtsa. mentioning it does not mean they wrote it and in fact they didnt. i am not talking specifically about the nhtsa. i am speaking about the person who wrote the article. the person who wrote the article based their conclusions on nhtsa data. more like on their interpretation of the data which is full of rather large holes. perhaps these things were not published for a reason as in not having enough information to come to any valid conclusion. nhtsa publishes all its findings as public information gathered by a public agency. actually if you read the article it clearly states that they do not normally publish this data. probably because it is almost always inconclusive at best. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .