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Oil Light? Revisited

From : john craven

Q: forgot to mention this is on a 2001 grand am. yeah its about 1/2 of the damn foil. i have never taken apart the valve cover before. the most i have done is change the spark plugs. do you think this is something ill need to have done pull a the corresponding valve cover and remove the offending piece. assuming it is the entire little foil thing. i would say if it is larger than 1/4 of the foil cap that you should probably remove it as soon as you can. carl you know how some oil comes with a thin foil under the cap well while changing the oil in i think i allowed a piece of that protective foil into the engine! it just went in as i was pouring the oil in. i saw a sliver flash go into the damn funnel and before i knew it it was too late to grab it! i couldnt see anything in there after looking around for a while with a flashlight. my thought is to just use the vehicle for a week or so and then change the filter/oil again. the filter should trap that should it after all that is why we use oil filters right should i worry about this guys thanks! .


From : john craven

this is a copy of my original post 96 2500 4x4 5spd 5.9l 55k miles when i tow with my rig for a while on the interstate and pull off on an exit ramp come to a stop and push in the clutch the oil light comes on and the oil pressure drops to 0. a little feathering of the gas to bring up the rpms up brings the pressure back up and the light goes off. any ideas on where to start looking had the truck about 6 months. tia i had several suggestions most dealing with low oil level dipstick pickup tube/screen issues. as per tom lawrences suggestion i changed the oil and filter putting in the owners manual spec of 5 quarts. i got about 4 quarts out of the pan when i drained it and the filter had almost no oil in it. most filters ive seen dump quite a bit of oil after you pull them and turn them over. anyway next day i check the oil and its a bit high on the stick. i find it hard to believe a one owner truck from a dodge dealer would have the wrong stick. could be i guess. as to the major complaint i drove the truck with the recommended amount of oil as i usually do to a place where the oil light would come on and the pressure dropped halfway and the oil light did not come on. it runs on the interstate at 40 on the gauge which is straight up 12 oclock and i guess it dropped to about 20 or so better but still not good. maybe it needs 6 qua

From : tbone

i bought 2 bottles of friction modifier at napa auto parts. as soon as i put it in the grinding noise went away. i also added lubegard transmission modifier to my transmission fluid and i feel that it shifts more nicely. i my truck started having grinding noise somewhere when i am executing sharp turns parking etc at slow speed. it is like a low rumbling noise. any thoughts mine was doing the same thing. i changed the fluid in the front differential. of course if you dont have a 4x4 this solution wont work for you. interesting. i just changed the front differential fluid recently. i wonder why you think that it may be related. thanks it was time for me to maintenance the diffs anyway. i had no clue that the griding noise was coming from the front diff. in fact i thought the power steering pump was making the noise. i went to the local dodge dealership to get the gear oil for the front and rear diffs. on my truck the rear diff calls for conventional 80w90 and one 4oz bottle of friction modifier.