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Oil Consumption Help

From : john kunkel

Q: tom one last dumb question i just thought of... the abs light flashes 9 time and the 10 stays on for about 4 seconds then it starts over...9 flashes and 10 is solid. would that be considered code 9 or code 10 i am guessing 9 and then a recycle time. .


From : beekeep

i have a 98 dodge ram 1500. i took it to the dealer with the check engine light on and they said it was the clogged cat convertor which i had fixed and that restored my power majorly but i still have a problem with it consuming oil. no blue smoke out the exhaust and no oil leaks. i have no idea where all this oil is going but i drove 1800 km and went from a fresh oil change to about 1 qt showing on the stick. could be the intake gaskets http// .

From : the sweeneys

id say 30 is a bit low i like to see a minimum of 40 in an r-134a system but will defer to cbhvacs expertise on this one. the fsm shows between 40 and 50 psi at 80f ambient as acceptable. of course it also qualifies that with note if pressures are lower than shown but center panel outlet discharge air temps are ok then the system is ok. its all a dark voodoo practice im convinced... .