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OT for all you Catholics out there

From : dennybeekeep

Q: i dont have the spec sheet with me. a friends brother has a computer business and put it together for me. amd 1.8 ghz processor and a 60 g hard drive. i dont remember all the other stuff. it has a cd burner dvd player power point word processor stuff for the school work. probably a bunch of other stuff that i havent played with yet. denny what kind of machine did you get speed memory ect -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving denny wrote this one works!! bg my old one did everything i wanted it to do but this one is a bunch faster. its just the learing curve going from w98 to wxt and getting everything set back up the way i want it. if you are talking about windows xp some quick advice. go to the microsoft web site and down load the blaster worm patch and install it. i bought and set up a new computer a few weeks back that runs xp and within 30 minutes the first time on the net i had the worm. it is a real pain in the ass as it wont let you keep your internet connection no longer than 3-4 minutes. its slowing down but the worm is still out there and it looks for xp. better safe than sorry. jerry the patch has already been installed. the guy that put this together for me told be about it and he handled it for me. that way i wouldnt screw it up.. g denny .


From : fmb

a picture is worth a thousand words.... but a damn good picture is worth $2 mil... the pope is having a shower. although he is very strict about the celibacyrules he occasionally feels the need to exercise the right wrist and this is one of these occasions. just as he reaches the papal climax he sees aphotographer taking a picture of the holy seed flying through the air.hold on a minute says the pope. you cant do that. youll destroy thereputation of the catholic church. this picture is my lottery win says the photographer. ill be financially secure for life. so the pope offers to buy the camera off the photographer and after lots of negotiation they eventually arrive at a figure of two million dollars. the pope then dries himself off and heads off with his new camera. he meets his housekeeper who spots the camera. that looks like a really good camera she says how much did it cost you two million dollars replies the pope. two million dollars! says the housekeeper they must have seen you coming. . beekeep go harvick! jr. is only 26 points away! .