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OT but what the heck

From : denny

Q: well let me know ill e you the phone numbers here g besides this way we can meet in bloomington and ill buy breakfast lunch or dinner take your pick depending on time of day thanks gary ill reroute and see what i come up with. im not sure which day well leave on. im taking my finals/re-certification next thursday the 3rd picking up the uhaul on the 4th and leaving just as soon as i can load it up. -- nathan w. collier 03 jeep rubicon jeep and let jeep http// .


From : mike simmons

how well would the 4.7 do .

From : tbone

fun and the need for a 4-5000lb truck to do well in the quarter mile would be on 29 jun 2003 063921 gmt bubkat05 wrote how well would the 4.7 do --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.491 / virus database 290 - release date 6/18/2003 .

From : beekeep

how well would the 4.7 do pretty good - it would come in second. .

From : el capitan

dont really know where to start. myself i know zilch about trucks or cars. a friend is doing some work on my 96 dodge dakota pickup truck. 6 cylinder. it was bought brand new and has almost 100000 miles on it now. for some reason or other i figured it would be a good idea to get a major tune up on the truck but was hell bent on not letting dodge touch the truck. why a year ago someone hits the truck in the front right. needed some major body work. picked it up from the body shop and it almost would not run. would cut off at every stop light die stall out etc...etc.... the incompetent idiots at the dodge dealership said i needed a new throttle body. $$ cha-ching then when that didnt fix the problem all of a sudden i needed a new fuel pump. $$cha ching. then they called and told me it was fixed and come and get it. wouldnt even make out of the parking lot before it cut off again. tried to bs me into believing it still had air in the system because of the fuel pump. i apparently do have stupid written on my forehead i told them......thats get the air out and get it running right then call me back when its really ready!!!! talked to the head service dude and he told me he was going to put his top man on the job. and he was good but i cant remember his name anyway he calls me and have a wreck in it right yes. where did you get hit again right front. guess where your cpu is for the engine right front yes.......ill check the cpu which is what should have been done first duh it was a broken cpu from the wreck............ so hell will never touch my truck again! so i get a buddy to do a major tune up. new plugs wires distributer cap etc...etc....oh yeah......and i also really did need a new timing chain for it and he did that too......all for under $450. not bad if you ask me. certainly much better than any prices i got as i called around. anyway so heres the problem. soon as i start the engine the check engine light comes on. the truck was very jerky in it was having hiccups or something if you just slowly accelerate. sometimes it does more than others but it does it in every gear. now when i first got it back he told me he still had to play with the timing chain a little to get it smooth. the driving that is fair in no hurry and hes my buddy. hes not going anywhere either and he wants to make me happy because he wants my future business. so it was bad at first..........then he came and worked on it adjusted the timing and it was much much better......but it still has some hiccups every now and then and the check engine light is still on. heres another thing that makes me think dodge is stupid. he called them because he was confused as to what was going on. dodge told him he should not have to adjust the timing chain because once you got it in it was just automatic set from the get go. hmmmmmmmmmmmm..............if that was true then why was there such a noticeable difference after he messed with it a second time it should have made no difference according to dodge but whatever. anyway the trucks catalytic converter needs badly to be replaced because it has come lose from the weld apparently after the wreck and he says if was him hed get a new one. so i say......lets get that fixed first.......and see if that changes anything. he was saying the cat could possibly be causing the problem. i just have a gut feeling thats not gonna help the problem though i get the feeling the guy that is working on the truck definately knows his stuff but he and i are kind of wondering where to go from here hes fixing the cat today or replacing i should say but i know my luck and that wont solve the driving problem. its still going to have small hiccups. interestingly if you get on it......its a beautiful thing it hiccups. if you baby it up to speed you feel the hiccups sometimes worse than others. he thinks maybe it has something to do with new chain not having the play in it that my old chain did. he tells me old chain was extremely lose probably because of the wreck in addition to just everyday use and that i was very luck it didnt just break so he thinks the hiccups are somehow being caused by the cpu trying to compensate for something or other.......he makes it sound realistic. i dont think hes bsing me i think hes just confused like me so i/we are here to seek help. anybody have any suggestions ideas fixes something he should have done but maybe didnt i realize this is very long and im sorry just wanted to give you the whole story. the wreck and all the new parts.....throttle body fuel pump timing chain cpu are all less than 1 year old. he just put the new timing chain last week though one more short thing......i promise......he tells me the truck idles at around 400 or so.......and that it should idle around 750 per

From : mac davis

you didnt say anything about checking fluid level do it. if its not low you may have pump overheating or a bad pump. hey guys i have a 2000 dodge dakota sport 4.7l v8 4x4. about a year ago i was involved in a 3 car pile-up..i was the last to hit and my front-passenger side got smashed...the body shop did a superb job of fixing it and all has been well since then. recently in about the last 2 months my truck started feeling a bit strange. the front end almost felt a little loose but not loose in the steering wheel. its hard to explain..almost like the suspension in the front loosened up. at times its almost unnoticable but for example when im on the freeway it will very slightly pull to one side..and its not the slope of the road. another thing i noticed is in the morning when i start it up and make a u-turn in the street the sharp turning causes it to make sort of a clunk sound as if something was shifting underneath. after a while i got used to this and somewhat forgot about the oddities that my truck had acquired so last night i thought it would be funny to run one tire over a small mound of dirt maybe a foot high. as i was driving back to town it seemed fine but suddenly i noticed that when i would take slow turns the power steering was sort of go out. i tried pulling into a parking lot and while making turn the power steering was totally out. i rolled over to a parking lot lamp and popped the hood and noticed absolutely nothing. my friend was turning the wheel back and forth hoping i would possibly see something...nothing. he said it seems fine to me. i closed the hood and got back in the truck...the power steering was back and worked perfectly...although the drive home yielded some strange feeling in the wheel it worked fine. do you guys have any idea what could be causing my problems thanks for the help!! .

From : beekeep

97 ram kingcab....passenger side flooring is wet. i have checked and rechecked cant find a drip anywhere. have sprayed a high pressure hose at it in the rear window and both passenger side windows with no visible leaks. pulled the center upper brake light and sealed it with rtv silicone. rained again yesterday and carpets on passenger side are damp again this morning. it does have a sliding rear window that when you spray a hose directly at the center seam it leaks a little but the water does not appear to be going toward the passenger side. is it possible the water is coming in from underneath it is not an ac drain leak because the carpeting is dry up under the dash and the ac drain drips outside just fine so it is not clogged. i am thinking of having the rear window replaced or at least re-sealed. any one have any other suggestions m reseal the third brake light. roy .