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OT: Hardly Ableson joke

From : mac davis

Q: on mon 28 jul 2003 193556 gmt connor wrote i have a 2000 durango. there is a problem with the clutch on the cooling fan ocasionally locking up. the dealler wants about 300 to change it this on top of the $100 diagnostic fee i already paid. the local autoparts store sells it for $49. i am more than capable of changing the fan/clutch unit but when i took alook at it i could not figure out how it mounted to the engine. i assumed it mounted with 3 or 4 small bolts on the back of the clutch unit. i didnt see any. can anyone tell me how to remove it big difference in dealers i guess.... my service manager looked at the truck and then had me start it up while he held his finger on the fan.... he didnt get a computer readout or anything but he was correct and the test was free... lol .