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From : ootb

Q: the lynyrd skynyrd song sweet home alabama is supportive of racial segregation right http// it criticizes neil young for his anti-lynching song southern man correct we know that young and the band got along just fine but that doesnt alter the lyrics of the song eh well i heard mister young sing about her well i heard ole neil put her down well i hope neil young will remember a southern man dont need him around anyhow the lyrics praise george wallace the infamous segregationist alabama governor of the era in several place correctamundo in birmingham they love the governor now we all did what we could do now watergate does not bother me does your conscience bother you tell the truth ... sweet home alabama oh sweet home baby where the skies are so blue and the governors true sweet home alabama lordy lord im coming home to you yea yea montgomerys got the answer the only possible defense is that the lyrics were written in character am i right or am i right but the band never claimed that this was the case is that accurate -- ari right .


From : greekphilosophizer

tom lawrence wrote 2 things here that i am getting confused about. first i thought that a vehicles gvwr was the total weight a truck could carry/pull. no - its the total weight that the truck is designed to carry - as in weight on the axles. the gcvwr gross combined vehicle weight rating is the total weight of truck and trailer. thats why the 1-tons are rated to carry a little over 5000lbs. in payload but rated to to up to a little over 15000lbs. when properly equipped. secondly isnt a f350 one of those dinky toy kind of things. we are talking real trucks here. the f-350 is a 1-ton class pickup comparable to the ram 3500s. look im not a big fan of fords... i dont like the way they design things and i certainly dont like their engines - but brand-loyalty aside the superdutys are good trucks built as well as if not better than the rams. and yes - it does hurt a bit to say that thanks tom but i am still a little confused. in my old imperial measure world 5000 lbs equals 2.5 tons. 1 ton equals 2000 lbs. now i have a 2500 ram ctd extended cab long box. the truck weighs in on a scale full fuel tank & driver at 6600 lbs. the gvwr on the door post says 8800 lbs. i assume i can carry 2200 lbs. 1 tonne legally. where does your 5000 lb. payload figure come in i would love to know so i can upgrade my camper without replacing my truck. with my present camper fuel water beer golf clubs and wife we weigh in at 8600 lbs forget the comments the beer weights more than my wife . trailer hitch says i can pull 10500 lbs so can i hook up my snowmobile trailer and sleds 2500 lbs and still be legal another question is going to be tire pressures door post has max pressures vehicle manual has other values tire side wall has different values. which one rules thx ljb .