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OT: Car Prowls

From : phil rhodes

Q: wrote your 1 stop graphic vinyl decal shop. we do all types of custom work for all cars trucks boats suvs semi trucks trailers atvs golf carts etc. we offer custom made signs for your busienss fleet lettering custom made banners etc. we do just about all types of custom work you can think about. check it out today!!! we offer custom made signs for your busienss you do your own proofreading wolfie .


From : stormin mormon

on wed 10 jan 2007 092116 -0500 roy wrote the time has come to start a new cultreligion or whatever im so sick tire of reading about budd and his new religion i figure ill start my own. join if you want. now what to use as a symbol of this thing. here ya go! pussy men have been led around forever wanting it. men have killed over it. men have paid fortunes to get it. lost everything trying to keep it. hell not to discriminate a lot of woman chase it too. so every where i see a religious post perhaps ill post about pussy gbmfg maybe we should investigate the merits and pleasures of gomorrhamie bfg leroy .

From : jmc

if you mean the plastic latch for the sliding rear window they have them at most parts stores on the help parts rack. actually the windows are fine but the plastic thing to lock the windows broke. any ideas where i can buy it .

From : dale yonz

i liked that answer wrote you might connect a battery powered dremel tool to the odometer and have it spin much faster than your actual speed over the ground - you should get really good mileage then. ever since the gear went in my odometer my mpg has really gotten bad. any ideas beekeep .

From : nosey

veronica wrote hi i need help with a little problem. my dodge ram has a problem with the parking lights. all lights work but for some reason when i turn the lights the break lights refuse to work. could someone please help. i have already chaged the headlight swith along with the harness i have purchased three headlight switches and i harness. thanks veronica hi veronica. what year ram do you have do your brake lights work normally when the park/headlamps are off what happens when you turn on the hazard lights -- ken .

From : dale yonz

one of our neighbors discovered the cure to car prowlers. german shepard and a cricket bat well we are in australia. 8-- once in a while would fall asleep in an unlocked car. damn crazy americans! you or the thieves 8-- oh sorry cant answer your question except something old and decrepit with nothing of value kept inside. a loud alarm system might be better than bullet-proof glass you might just save your wifes life by not going for unbreakable glass. more thieves are stopped by a blinking led than by door locks anyway. or you could leave the doors unlocked and nothing valuable inside... which is what some folks do here thats great advice especially for someone with a convertible. replacement tops are very expensive. -- ken .

From : bob m

chad wrote 2004 3500 6 speed. this morning the temp was -6 in iowa and when i started my truck it went to fast idol like normal but fell out of it abought 45 seconds after starting. i know when i step on the break peddle it will dropp out of high idol but will it dropp out stepping on the clutch i have break lights but no cruise control. so is there a clutch switch and if so whitch one is the most likley problem snoman. is this you .

From : beekeep

napalmheart wrote my wifes blazer was prowled last night and while they didnt take anything they obviously looked for something to take. what little that was in the car was tossed around inside. and they tried to jimmy her the club that was on the steering wheel but only resulted in freezing it so we had to call a locksmith to drill it out. this is the 4th prowl in the last couple years - the first two times they broke windows to get in. when i asked the window guy why arent windows harder to break he said safety you might want to get out!. so i guess she needs a new car. what type of car/truck is prowled the least can i get it with bullet proof windows that cant be smashed i would either move or i would shoot the thieves. yup. here in texas you can shoot the bastards after dark in order to protect your property. im not sure where the op is located. bob .

From : jmc

tbone wrote many things quit trying to make sense of it. i believe christianity isnt about facts. if you believe otherwise that is your god given choice. -- ken .

From : bigironram

budd cochran wrote no i didnt because as ive tried to get thru your skull i did not judge anyone i compared their denominations to what the bible says. whats the difference obviously a lot more that you can allow yourself to accept. now you are trying to redefine judging to fit your needs. nope. of course you are never guilty of anything!! i am a sinner but i have been forgiven bygod thru the atonement of jesus the christ. my past is forgiven my present secured and my future guaranteed. you have judged people budd. you told me id go to hell. hate to tell you budd but thats not up to you. you judged. now repent. if you are a christian then all i did was show you the errors of your denomination as compared to the church started in the first century. that is not a sin. budd -- posted via a free usenet account from http// .

From : leroy

budd cochran wrote i gave you a link can you not do that for me if not why should i if only to give you the proof you seek but reject when it comes your way what does a link mean absolutely nothing! you look for links on the web to support your views and dismiss anything that goes against them. the web is full of crap. you can find a site that says anything you want it to. it means nothing. so if i make a website and give you the link to it will it mean anything good grief. if the link is to a site with confirmed verfiable truth about the bible and not conjecture why are you afraid to give the link unlike you im willing to look at least. budd -- posted via a free usenet account from http// .

From : napalmheart

i cannot answer that if i do not know the person or observe their fruits. i cannot answer it if i believe them to be christian. salvation is a personal spiritual state that has little to do with denomination and everything to do with accurate understanding of the bible. i has nothing to do with attending a church any church. some denominations do not follow all the teachings of the bible and reject the ones that they disagree with or think for some strange reason that god couldnt have put in the bible what he really meant or that god doesnt mean it that way anymore. those are the denominations that give me reason to question what they believe and what they claim to be the way to salvation. a yes or no answer for your question its not possible and be faithful to gods word. budd budd cochran wrote no i answered your question by giving you the source from which i get my beliefs and views. how much more direct do you want it i asked you a simple yes or no question. you say you follow the bible. so do other christians. they disagree with many of your views and they get their info to support it the same way you do. are they christians or non-christians yes or no budd. -- posted via a free usenet account from http// .

From : robb

t4613 wrote hi i am a technician and have fallen on hard times. my wife has run the visa up and i need to sell some stuff. i have put up some of my tools on ebay and will be selling of my car soon. please take a look mostly snap-on. my car is a 1973 plymoth with a 68 340 engine. thanks http// hummmmmm im kinda confused. if you need money why would you sell the tools that make you money get rid of the problem dont sell the tools. if the wife cant budget herself she needs a job and is only using you. wise up dude! hank always amazed at peoples logic .

From : azwiley1

2004 3500 6 speed. this morning the temp was -6 in iowa and when i started my truck it went to fast idol like normal but fell out of it abought 45 seconds after starting. i know when i step on the break peddle it will dropp out of high idol but will it dropp out stepping on the clutch i have break lights but no cruise control. so is there a clutch switch and if so whitch one is the most likley problem .

From : geekboy

in reality the fast food and retail job markets have shown very little growth which proves your bs wrong. more complete bullshit and right wing spin. lowes home depot wallmart target and others are opening new stores every week. the only thing that is not growing there are the pay rates. what high paying companies have growth in the us like that. i am going to interject here. having worked at home depot i can tell you that yes you are correct they are always opening more stores and the pay rate there does not go up. home depot stores only hire a handful of full time employees 95% of the people there are part time. home depot does not want to pay all the insurance medical benifits etc they are required for a full time employee. in addition to this home depot starts the full timers at about 8.50/hr and does not give the claimed raises that you may here about. department heads get if lucky about 12/hr yet are required to work well over 40 per week and get flexed out because h.d. refuses to pay over time. .