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OT-A fun test from dr. Phil

From : nosey

Q: i have a 2003 1500 qc 4x4 which is only about two weeks from the dealer. i get about 13 on the highway. i hope it get better when the mileage goes up a little. i love the power the hemi makes. i can pull a 6000 lb tractor on a 1500 lb trailer with no prob. i get about 10mpg when pulling that. its worth it to me. copper my 94 v-6 dakota is tired and wants to live elsewhere. i like the new ram equipped with the 5.7l hemi but know little about it. ill haul next to nothing but ass and it seems willing for such work. any downsides or recommendations im looking in the 21k price range.... tia.... .


From : budd cochran

investigating installing one of these. they claim 5-15hp gain through less air restriction and greater flow with up to 5mpg greater gas mileage. includes everything including the tube to reinstall the air intake sensor. ok here is my question. after examining the proposed area of modification this intake sensor is a temperature sensor not a flow sensor. so how will installing this mod improve my hp and gas mileage in my mind i am thinking ok i get cooler air which hits the sensor which measures cooler air and tells the computer to make the gas mixture richer. alright this would explain the higher horsepower but not the fuel mileage. so what am i missing here thanks in advance. - .

From : theguy

try ebay you can find just about anything there. whats the best place to get royal purple thats royal purple i just purchased a 98 dakota with 127000 mi on it. i usually run mobile 1 but would like to try this new oil called purple something.. any ideas or comments rich -- god bless and protect defenders of freedom proud our son is a united states marine these colors dont run god bless america ****** usmc ****** 100% pure whoopass!! saddam here we come!!! .

From : mike simmons

i found this website that carries a lot of air filters at wholesale prices. high quality too. check it out. .

From : jerry

wmhj wrote does anyone know if they put them on the 2003 1500 i think they were put only on the 9798 and 99 4x4 model years. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .