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OT Sad news, butter sit down for this one.

From : beekeep

Q: xclimation wrote im not going to get into a pissing contest but i think a logical step was taken. in addition asking for help and suggestions is reasonable and prudent. putting someone down and trying to make them feel bad about themselves is highly unproductive. one could spend just as much time with a voltmeter. what would you do if you dont know what you are doing asking for help is a good first step. i spent five minutes with a volt meter then changed the defective $10 part. changing parts until you hit the bad one is a luxury only a factory trained technician can afford. jam .


From : mike simmons

i would look at the top of the old ball joint. if it has the same shape as your threaded one sides cut to fit a socket i would say that it is a safe bet that it is threaded as well. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i have a 1990 dodge dakota 195000 miles. i have the upper right control arm off with the upper ball joint still attached. unsure how to remove it. new ball joint looks to be threaded but not sure if its a press fit. to remove the old ball joint what is needed a special socket or just heat up and beat out .