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OEM Dakota mirrors.

From : clt

Q: anyone seen this before or know if its a quick fix yep - go back to the dealer and theyll most likely replace the fcm front control module. all the intermittent control for the wipers takes place in this module. .


From : johnny thunders johnny

tbone wrote miles wrote why do you bash bush for the very same things you credit clinton on saying how great things were clinton flat out ignored it all for his own greatness. bush after only 7 months issued a directive to the military to take out al-queda. 7 months tbone...against clintons great 8 years. because we were attacked in a major way or it never would have happened under bush either. the directive bush issued came before 9/11...geez tbone youre hatred blinds you. and exactly what action was taken prior to 9/11 and how did 9/11 happen at all then perhaps you might want to explain this hatred that you claim i have. funny how you claim not to like bush yet go out of your way to protect him and attack clinton. on some issues sure. because of your hatred you have become a hypocrite. you rant about bush on the very same things you praise clinton for. i rant about bush because he is turning out to be a liar and not the brightest bulb in the pack. i dont recall praising clinton for these qualities. you still didnt address the issue of why there were no complaints and where where the big ticket items in these other regions there were no complaints because clinton gave haliburton these no-bid contracts. liberals love clinton so why would they complain its not about haliburton at all. its about bush and the liberals hate. youre a hypocrite tbone. plain and simple. i am not talking about politically biased people from either side. i am talking about companies not complaining and am still waiting for your answer. you have still refused to tell us who should have gone if not haliburton it is not for me to say. that is what the bidding process is all about. nor have you said why you had no problem with haliburton getting no bid contracts all over the world under clinton it is not me who complained about any of it it is the other companies that were complaining and you didnt say where the big ticket contracts were in these other countries. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : jmc

i was on a business trip to ohio and stopped at a white castle. i mean everyone raves about them so had to stop. i thought they were the grossest form of something resembling a burger ive ever had. ill stick to a real hamburger from now on! well at least i tried them once. miles that ought to give ya a good indication of what some folks around here consider food.g the last wc in my area i knew of was in a section of boston called the combat zone. not even the muggers hookers pimps drunks and junkies would eat there. it was closed about 20 years ago. i think wc have been banned from the new england region. least i hope so. harummmph! what do you yankees know about good eatin anyway ;^ mike received greeeaaaattt today got confirmation for a class in cincinnati next week. the training center is about 5-6 blocks from a castle. castles for lunch and a crave case to go.... it just dont get any better than that.... yummy!!! denny .

From : j

i have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab st with the 5.7 liter hemi engine. this truck has an electronic throttle control and did not come with cruise control. can anybody tell me what i have to add to put cruise control on it. i assume because it has electronic throttle the cruise must be controlled by one of the modules but i dont know which one or what i need to add. .

From : christopher thompson

like i keep asking miles how do you work 10 times harder than your employees and dont give me that reap the rewards bullshit because in time all that is is a renaming of the word greed. the fact that im successfull at it and youre not tells me i have what it takes and you do not. thats the american dream tbone. the ability to allow ones skills and intellegence and work to be rewarded. liberals like yourselves hate that. they dont want such opportunities to exist. how do you know how successful i am there is a difference between being successful and being greedy miles and you are more the latter. i know youll say bull but thats what it comes down too. you want equality and thats communism. i said no such thing. this is just your spin to hide your greed. lol never said that it was mine. with the tax breaks so many big money companies get many of them pay no taxes at all. prove that statement tbone. you cant and you know it. its just your liberal mindset that tells you to believe big companies dont pay much in taxes. look up wallmart and their corporate welfare. more conservative crap. nobody is trying to prevent anyone from being successful but you like to use the word success to hide greed. perhaps you could define greed for us of course it probably dosent exist in the republican dictionary. you certainly are trying to prevent people from being successfull. you cant define greed which you spew out every couple of sentences. you have shown that to you greed is anyone who has alot of money. basically more than your skills and intellegence allow you to earn. youre jealous and you want redistribution of wealth a communist concept. because in most cases the way they hot that much money is by being greedy. you keep using the word earn but have yet to expalin how anyone can earn that much money and the reason you didnt is because you cant and once again you have no idea how much money i have. as for a redistribution of wealth more right wing bullshit. this is not a valid answer since i asked for yours specifically. the real reason for you not answering it is that it would show just how greedy you are to do it lol! success cant be defined for everyone. each person defines it for themselves. but you tbone want to define and limit it for everyone. anything too successfull and you define it as greed and want to punish those individuals. they have what you want. hahahahaha can you spin any faster i didnt ask you for a universal definition that applied to everyone. i asked you for your definition that applies to you and as usual you failed. im supprised that you didnt just delete the question you are getting good at that. because in reality there are limits to everything and there is a point where it changes from success to just plain greed even though you want to hide from that. oh do tell us all what point that is please define it for us all. where is that line between success and greed how much can i earn before you spew your greed crap funny how you ask me to set limits and define things when you have yet to answer or define anything yourself. hahahahahahahahaha your right wing propaganda is funny. this has nothing to do with communism and you know it but thanks for making me laugh. bull! complete bull. you just do not wish to admit what you are because its not politically correct to do so. you want to limit success and draw a line somewhere and use the word greed as an excuse for such limits. you want to redistribute a rich persons wealth and limit just how rich an individual can become through redistribution of wealth. that is a communist concept. first im a left wing liberal and now i am a communist. you really are too much. i have no desire to limit anything but that doesnt mean that success and greed cannot be defined or at least seen for what it is. no it just seems that the richer they are the more greedy they also seem to be. not all of them but enough to form a stereo-type. so define rich and define greedy for us. how many in this country would fall into your two catagories i asked you first and you have yet to define anything. i would say that any household making over 500000 would be considered well off and 1 million and up would be considered rich. as for greed you do not have to be rich to be greedy just more like you. by whose definition yours. if that were true why is the defecit so damn high again. because of spending not too low of taxes. and who approved that spending hell who caused most of it you have refused to accept the fact that federal tax revenues have gone up considerably since the tax cuts. show me the money and exactly on what is the starting point that you basing this increase on are you comparing the increase in revenue to what clinton was bringing in when he was bringing down the defecit or are

From : clt

did you check the condition of the starter feed wire check the battery first. always check the battery first. -- max there are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty soap ballot jury and ammo. please use in that order. -ed howdershelt author did you check the condition of the starter feed wire -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i have a 95 dodge dakota that wont start with the turn of the key i have replaced the starter and can hear the relay clicking when i turn key but get nothing else. any thoughts on what the problem maybe .

From : nosey

tom a year ago i installed the banks six gun box and since then i receive very intermittently this same error code. sometimes the dash light resets itself and sometimes i have to reset this error with the dealer scan tool drb iii when using the tool other than the recorded error no problem is ever found. i have checked all the connections several times and they are ok. it has been impossible for me to determine where the fault lies. it will be either a faulty crank sensor or a problem with the banks box. i have called banks and asked them if they have heard of this problem before and they have not. this is a hall effect sensor and they can be sensitive to the gap between the tone wheel teeth and the sensor core rod but the gap looks ok. i have ordered a new sensor because it will be the easiest way to determine where the problem lies. as far as frequency maybe it has occurred 6 times in a year. when the fault occurs no other condition or observable indicator exists like a misfire but i recently noticed that the fault occurs if i have to abruptly lift my foot during heavy engine load and high turbo boost. there is no bearing on the power position of the banks power selector switch. this abrupt pedal lift would be something that could make the turbo bark but i have not heard a bark. i do have the silencer ring installed and a stock air filter though so there is a chance i would not hear a bark if one occurred. what is your best guess as to the source of the fault steve my 2003 3/4ton ram is showing dtc 336. it is the crank sensor performance trouble code. is this truck stock or have you recently installed a tst powermax the diagnostic procedure starts with hooking up a dealer-only scan tool... so thats most likely out of the question. .