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OD or Not OD That is the question.

From : tirespin

Q: xns93b147fed4419burleighunwiredonlin@ burleigh wrote beekeep wrote in can i adjust the loosness out of the pinion bearings i forgot to include the stats of my truck 98 dodge 1/2 ton 4x4 122000 miles standard trans. it came loose for a reason most likely the bearings or races have worn. youll need to remove the axles the differential case and the pinion/bearings assembly in order to accomplish a proper repair. .


From : mike simmons

you sure are setting your sights high. i think chimpyboy should be flipping the burgers. its closer to his skill level. of course hed have to compete with all those teenagers looking for work so his chances would not be good. getting an education doesnt mean shit if your company moves to taiwan. %%%% yes it does. you need to be able to do more than just glue widgets together or run a column of figures. oh tell that to the thousands of degreed professionals who are now jobless. is absolute zero the temperature of your heart btw we dont have any widget jobs anymore; just wart mart greeters %%%% is being a degreed professional all that they know or is it all they are willing to do ive pumped gas at a service station and flipped burgers with a degree because the money i was getting was more than i would receive sitting on my ass feeling sorry because i didnt have the job i wanted. i had a family to feed and not the time to sit and whine. i guess that is the way i was brought up to be self reliant and not depend on others. oh i see. pride has no place in the equation. %%%% you cant eat pride and if your family need to be fed you need to swollow it and fiind work. the grocery store cannot tell the difference between a dollar made in the stock market from a dollar from recycling soda cans. would you let your family go hungry because you couldnt find an executive job barry .

From : mike simmons

well we could stop providing free health care for everyone and then remove the duty from petrol with the money weve saved. but my american friends pay more per onth for healthcare than i do for petrol so i guess id be worse off! most of us americans get ourselves a skill or an education then go out and get jobs and get our own health care taken a look at the unemployment stats lately i didnt think so..... %%%% why not the mexicans are able to do it!! i havent been out of a job in 36 years! i have multiple skills from flippin burgers to medicine including farming and building houses. quite a few help wanted signs around here. but in order to see them a person has to be willing to stop playing video games for a while. thats a broad assumption. im sure an employer is going to hire someone with 25 years professional experience over those hordes of dumb unskilled teenagers who will work for anything to flip burgers or sack groceries. of course we have so many stores closing here that point is moot. .

From : max340

i would suspect that the rear bearing is also damaged and needs to be replaced or at a minimum inspected as well. replaced. its damaged no doubt. you also need to drain the rear and inspect the ring and pinion for damage from the ring gear being out of position. im sure you mean pinion gear being out of position right your rear will need to be completely torn down to be repaired correctly. instead of replaced like you said in the previous post max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .