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No overdrive

From : curtis ramsey

Q: on mon 07 jul 2003 160030 gmt exit wrote lots of people have been conditioned for years to expect to have things paid for them - medical care food housing child care etc. try telling them they have to start paying their own way. not only will they object ferociously but so will the well meaning liberals. it would be nice if ceos and upper level management got paid what they are worth that doesnt include time playing gold and screwing their secretary. i knew i wasnt doing things right. but then i own the company so i get paid whatever is left glad i dont have to screw alan though.... playing with gold that might be fun for a moment or did you mean playing golf dreadful sport for me dont find it relaxing and way too much sun. given my choice id rather play iwth gold or maybe reevaluate alan -- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner .


From : gary glaenzer

remember if you go too far west it gets really weird.... nope. did that. lived in la during the 70s and other than the fact that i hate big cities it was very livable. southern ca used to be a really neat place to live. now fast forward to today. too many undocumented people have taken with their heritage of over crime and drugs. places like east la hollywood watts for gawds sake! - were really nice bedroom communities after wwi. a lot has changed since then. never cared for earthquakes either. however as i have said many times phoenix now has all the reasons i left la - so its creeping east - .

From : jim doyle

on tue 8 jul 2003 160836 -0700 barry white wrote what a crock. and what do you do on the seventh month ask your gawd for loaves of bread his method seems to be working better than yours. you are blowing smoke out your ass. you have no idea about my lifestyle or anyone else who posts on usenet. be gone you worthless troll........ he posts about his level of contentment. you post about your level of frustration. do the math nipplehead. .

From : craig

here in castaic ca diesel is $1.65 and gas is $1.85. yum wrote $0.10 per gallon most likely most all fuel is taxes. inventor. p.s. im back server went down not a virus disk drive drawer went flaky. those intermitant bug will kill you. what is everyone paying per gallon before taxes nunya wrote here is texas the cost of diesel fuel now cost more that the 93 octane gasoline havent even paid attention to gasoline prices lately but diesel is $1.24 a gallon here in southeast oklahoma. i think low grade gas is around $1.22 a gallon. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .