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New tires?

From : ignoramus14756

Q: nascar outlawed em they are so good. nhra makes 5000 or so hp with em wonder if one of those would fit into my quadcab. hemi is an acronym for hemispherical whitch refers to the combustion chamber. nascar outlawed the real hemi. not this knock off. talk about a marketing rip off. roy .


From : miles

can anyone tell me how to locate the a/c drain on my 2002 dakota pickup .

From : bdk

i have a 1973 dodge motorhome with a 413 cu in v8. the problem is that it is unreliable. it always starts easily when the engine is cold. when you drive it for 15 minutes up to an hour it just quits running. if you wait 10 minutes it will restart and run again for the same length of time. if you remove the air cleaner and look in the carb it is getting plenty of gas. if you remove a spark plug wire it is getting plenty of spark. i bought a new holley 4 barrel carb. i bought a new electric fuel pump.i bought 2 new ignition modules. i replaced the magnetic timer in the distributor. new cap and rotor new coil twice. new aluminum fuel tank and fuel lines. new ballast resistor. i moved the coil to the outside of the engine compartment. i have talked to many mechanics and they said i have done what they would have. i bought this motorhome 6 months ago so i could take my kids camping2 boys 12 and 16 years old but time is running out. please help! bruce bolton ft myers fla 239 693 2756 replace the pick up coil in your distributor under the rotor. the wire is broken under the insulation. .

From : m g

ignoramus14756@nospam.14756.invalid says... i have a 1999 1500 dodge ram 4x4. need to change tires soon 48k miles. any suggestion for the best place to change tires samsclub etc and good tires i i had a set of michelin ltx ats on my 2000 sierra and they were great tires the best i ever had. the only negative was the noise. a friend has the ltx m/s and he loves them. i got mine at sams in 2000. bdk .

From : chchammer

yea...i put a set on my 97 dakota...coupled with gibson exhaust and air induction hood/k&n setup. self install was relatively easy and the quality has been excellent. they look as good now as the day i put them on. nothing but positive here. we eat 5.0 mustangs all day long. g gary anyone ever use them on anything anyone know much about the company i have an 03 ram with the hemi and am considering doing the headers first before exhaust and intake. opinions .

From : roy

what is the redline on the 4.7 dodge engine in the quad cabs havent been able to find that information anywhere yet and the tach on the dash is not marked at all. thanks. steve i think that your assessment of the 4.7 in the dr1500 is correct. most folks that i know that have em are quite happy with either the stick or auto. i think that you will find especially on this ng that a lot of guys are gearheads and are simply not satisfied unless they have the biggest heaviest...... etc. etc... but in the real world the 4.7 is more than adequate when used within its design intent. as far as your expectations of the performance enhancement you expect to realize from the aftermarket accessories you mention i would caution you to take the claims put forth by the website with a grain of salt. it has been my experience over many years that the only outcome of these accessories is to fatten the wallets of the vendors. chryco service manager member sae steve the springs in your new ride are quite a bit stiffer than your gm. put a bit of weight at the tailgate and youll be surprised at the difference. the old chevy/gmc heavy half had the same issue the standard gm 1500 springs are very soft - to give a more car-like ride - but dont provide the payload capacity whereas the heavier springs really need a bit of weight on them. i put over 250k miles on an 81 gmc heavy half and made a point of keeping some weight in it for that very reason. oh yeah - that truck had an 85 hp 250 cid i-6 3 on the column and a 2.72 rear end with oversize 7.00-15 tires. knowing what that truck would do and what i did with it its not surprising that yours will out-perform it in almost every way. enjoy your truck and ignore those who think that you have to have a monster engine to pull a small boat. .