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Q: word to ya mutha. yo. -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .


From : nathan w collier

maybe you didnt employ the correct dining ritual. . . . first you grasp the top of the bag containing the desired number of gutbombs and open it slowly reverently. then you inhale deeply the glorious odor of steam table cooked meat and onions savoring the slightly greasy background scent that guarantees the comestible will slide down the palate unimpeded. you then extract the the first burger uncover it and consume it. now a special technique is required here. you dont nibble a wc. you must try to bite off at least 1/4 to 1/2 the sandwich at a time wiuth the full intent to have as much in your mouth at a time you can. three chews thats it and swallow with a large gulp of beverage. burp and repeat until all food is gone. fries are added according to taste but many wc experts say they should be kept to the side until the last burger is gone. the method of consumption is also the secret behind their methane production capacity. hope you get a chance to try them one more time . . .say does anyone know if in still has the law that says feeding wcs to kids is child abuse budd .