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From : Annonymous

Q: tbone wrote miles wrote why do you bash bush for the very same things you credit clinton on saying how great things were clinton flat out ignored it all for his own greatness. bush after only 7 months issued a directive to the military to take out al-queda. 7 months tbone...against clintons great 8 years. because we were attacked in a major way or it never would have happened under bush either. the directive bush issued came before 9/11...geez tbone youre hatred blinds you. funny how you claim not to like bush yet go out of your way to protect him and attack clinton. on some issues sure. because of your hatred you have become a hypocrite. you rant about bush on the very same things you praise clinton for. you still didnt address the issue of why there were no complaints and where where the big ticket items in these other regions there were no complaints because clinton gave haliburton these no-bid contracts. liberals love clinton so why would they complain its not about haliburton at all. its about bush and the liberals hate. youre a hypocrite tbone. plain and simple. you have still refused to tell us who should have gone if not haliburton nor have you said why you had no problem with haliburton getting no bid contracts all over the world under clinton hell he gave haliburton an emergency contingency contract for such things as war if they occur. .


From : mac davis

no there are no diagnostic codes. funny thing the cruise control was acting up during the incident. the next day no problems at all and the cruise works perfect now. also the temperature change was dramatic the day of the problem the temp was 22-32f the next day with no problems 55-60f. thanks for the post! max dodge wrote does the truck have any diagnostic codes could be a tps problem. -- max there are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty soap ballot jury and ammo. please use in that order. -ed howdershelt author hey i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 that is experiencing shifting from overdrive to 3rd gear while driving at speeds over 50mph. it changes from overdrive to 3rd while minimal accerlation is occuring. now when you give it more gas it stops and acts normal. also while the cruise control is engaged the problem does not occur. any thoughts i was thinking it could be a relay or board that is linked to the cruise control. btw the transmission is not slipping. please let me know if you have any ideas. jeff not sure on the model you have but on the newer ones we have as service trucks and vans there is a temp sensor that prevents the tranny from hitting od below a set temp... cant recall the temp setting but it sounds normal to me. .