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Need fender flares for new style 1500 4x4 dodge truck

From : tkctnc

Q: i initially thought it was the transmission but it really isnt. tranny works fine. could it be the pcm or the map would any of this be covered under the powertrain portion of the warranty which is more extensive/longer than the standard portion regardless of the problem mechanical in the transmission or electrical with the pcm or related sensors it should all be covered under the 7/70 powertrain warranty. somethings causing the front band to apply and thats putting you into 2nd gear actually most likely a hybrid of a gear somewhere between 2nd and 3rd in ratio because the od is probably still engaged. it could be something mechanical as in a leak in the valve body thats allowing pressure to flow to the front servo - or it could be electrical as in a bad governor pressure solenoid thats not keeping the governor pressure up where it needs to be. .


From : jay

91. roy dec 2 830 am show options from roy - find messages by this author date fri 2 dec 2005 103034 -0500 local fri dec 2 2005 830 am subject re accident report reply | reply to author | forward | print | individual message | show original | report abuse how about making the punishments fit the crime if you demonstrate you cant drive responsibly then you dont get to drive legally. drive illegally and you go to jail. and no plea bargans. drive illegally and you go to jail kinda steep for speeding dont ya think hate to be involved in a accident in your world what would the penalty be death if more than 50% at fault roy whats wrong with punishments that fit the crime someone decides to get drunk knowing full well hes got to drive home afterward. on the way home he hits and kills someone. lets try to stay off the extreme. how about he gets pulled over and is oui no accident. does he go to jail why not wreckless endagerment they would get arrested for the same if they were waving a firearm around and shooting it in the air wouldnt they what punishment for that roy i say its a form of 1st degree murder with a random victim and the states punishment foir 1st degree murder should apply 1st degree murder wtf are you smoking out there yea i agree murder 1 seems extreem what if you have a heart attck and run over somebody he dies you survive. by your standard it is 1st degree murder. bye bye budd . . .and yes ive been a drunk in my past. so you are advocating a set schedule of punishment drive oui ya get 5 years involved in a accident 55% at fault yer down for 1 year. you cant be serious. roy .