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Need a new truck (advice, please?)

From : ignoramus30093

Q: remove wrote day - 4 5 days later dealer 1 calls and said truck was sold by other dealer but they have one with same options and a few extra. no problem! so i drive 15 miles and find out the truck did not have the tow package i wanted. they told me i had to buy today or miss out on $500 trade-in rebate. no sale wanted tow package. salesman hints about the amount of time putting together this deal. dealers will always try to snag you with their bs of buy today or lose the good price. a trade-in rebate is no rebate at all. dodge didnt offer that rebate the dealer did and the dealer is not going to actually give you more for your trade. it is smoke and mirrors. the same deal you made today will be available next week. yes dodge did offer that rebate. the trade incentive ended july 1 while the more-heavily-advertised purchase rebate is still running through the end of this month. his dealership was more forthcoming than most in my area dallas. when i was shopping only one of them mentioned the extra $500 available to sweeten a trade. i traded in a friends non-running junker the dealer sent a truck to tow it in with clean title to claim the extra $500. dealership didnt care they just sent it to the crusher and got their $500 reimbursed by chrysler. martin .