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Nascar Craftsman Truck series

From : partsmore

Q: on thu 17 nov 2005 232457 gmt denny wrote the mercury dropped last night and this morning was sheer bliss! with the touch of a button my tush was toasty warm in minutes.... life is good! mike a sack of white castle burgers warms my tushy up just fine....and usually in less than a minute.. denny im trying really hard not to visualize a bunny sitting on a bag of little burgers... argggg.. youve obviously have never eaten a white castle. the greasy thin little burger cooked in onion bits hiding inside a dinner roll sized bun. just add a piece of cheese and ingest 8-10 of these bite sized morsels and youre guaranteed to have gas thatll clear off the entire parts counter for at least five minutes.. ahhhh the friends that youll make......... denny i will occasionally send a porter for a couple of crave packs thats a case of 24 whiteys for the uninitiated for the guys in the shop. this of course is only permitted during the warm weather months when the shop doors can remain open. to do so in the winter would be suicide. yup they can clear the parts counter in a heart beat! mike .


From : john

92 318 dakota 90k miles just started noticing this on cold mornings. when i first crank it up the oil pressure guage dives below zero as far as it can go. it stays there 4 or 5 seconds then begins climbing towards normal. no audiable bearing knocks or rattles. any suggestions appreciated. thanks so many garys and clydes leroy .