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From : spinman

Q: on 7/3/03 0613 tom lawrence wrote glass is a funny substance. too bad lexan is so damn expensive lexan is funny too. gasoline even vapors crazes it. spill a drop of gas on curved lexan that has some stress in it and it will crack up. .


From : bob doe

denny wrote that would be true if he bought the truck new but he said he recently bought a 2001 so im thinking he bought it used. take the vin # to any dealer and have them check it thru dealerconnect. it only takes a minute to get the info. denny you and mike are absolutely right. for some reason it didnt register with me he had bought used. i think staying up late watching the neighbors shoot fireworks might be the culprit. at least i think they were fireworks. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .