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My Ram works fine, My Shadow won't start

From : greg wilson

Q: just had about 960sq.feet of tile installed. now comes the clean up. what i have to remove is the dust like film that is left behind after the grout. the tile is porcliain if it matters.also the grout is hard and ready for sealing. messed around with a sponge and a couple of buckets of water theres gotta be a quicker way. any thoughts on how to shorten what looks to be a real long job. roy if you had it installed call the installers back and have them clean up the mess. if you installed it get a sponge a couple clean compound buckets and some knee pads. wring the sponges frequently and change water frequently. if the haze is from the grout and has hardened youll need the chemical cleaner and follow the directions on the back. or... allow 24 hours for grout mortar to set before walking on tile. use 1 cup of white vinegar per gallon of water and mop floor thoroughly to remove leftover dust or grout haze from tile. rinse with clean water. lightly mist grout joints one time daily with clean water for the next three days. .


From : cbhvac

check the oxygen sensor it will cause the no idle conditon you describe if it is defective. - i have a 97 dakota that for 111k miles has run perfect best truck i have ever owned and ive owned a lots in 70 years. this morning when i turned the ignition switch it just clicked. the battery i told my self so i replaced the battery with a known good one. when i turned the ignition swith it started but will not idle you can keep it running by pushing on e gas and letting off as it reevs up but if you take your foot off the gas it dies. one problem i do have started about a month ago and i wonder if it could be the cause. i developed a rattle in the catalytic converter. i took it to the muffler shop and they wanted $180.00 to replace it. i told him i could put up with the rattle for that kind of money. he then said if you run it that way pieces of it will clogg up your muffler and burn a valve. i though he was just trying to sell me a converter was i wrong. was the battery just a coincidence. the new battery has been in the truck about 10 hours and it still starts the truck i think no short. any suggestions will be appreciated. have a nice day rogerx .