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My RAM 1500 QC 4x4 w/ 5.9 L question

From : things planet earth

Q: only in this case the extremists you are bitching about are the same extremists that you want to impose higher mpg standards. oh really then as you like to say got proof lol yeah nhtsa and uh nhtsa yeah they handle both crash testing and mpg testing and enforcment of regs for both. lol you are amusing..... i dismiss their data as crap because frankly it is crap. well yeah but.... you seemed to like it when it dealt with upping the mpg standards. then you would be laughing at what you dont understand and that would only be laughing at yourself again. translation i know you are but what am i max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : redneck tookover hell

you really are a fucking idiot arent you you should be asking for a way to delete yourself im looking at ordering a 3500 quad cab short bed. is there a way for the dealer to delete the clearance lights i dont mind the roof lights as much as the ugly one in the middle of the tailgate. .

From : mike simmons

you have a good low end torque motor that produces 245 hp. this is great for towing and four wheeling. .

From : ringo

well did you survive your first day or should i get flowers coming your way denny went real well thanks. thing is that im on a different sleep schedule. went to bed at 1030pm and woke up at 230am. couldnt get back to sleep so ive been up since then. friggin traffic on the way home is a piaafter being the only one on the road at 0300 now at 4pm its like a demo. took sues eldo in case i screwed up.g figure ill get use to everything in a week or so. roy .

From : miles

jerry wrote budd cochran wrote if i had found where i was lying as you claim i would have posted it and an apology. i found i was correct. well then post what you found that proved you correct. you cant can you. since you are the one claiming the innocence hah! you prove it. just out of curiosity how do you figure the post arent there since none of the conversation was handled by email it was all done in the group. thats the point numb nuts the posts arent there to support your claim. yes they are. lol this proves without any doubt that you dont practice what you preach. if you had any conscience or even a modicum of civility it would bother you. it would bother you that in a world filled with bigotrys and hate violence and murder that you are a part of the problem not the answer. yes jerry you make your sigline a complete lie. youre sick. you really need some professional help fast. no. you are. violence and hatred are negatives. im non- violent unless cornered and hate no one. the latest post i see was at 617 am today. the oldest of the 300 i just downloaded was at 620 am on 6/15/2003. doesnt look so dead to me. now if i could have only downloaded less than say 10 messages for the past month then that would be a dead group. who cares budd so you found 300 posts that were sent to the group over the last few years. want to try and guess how many were posted in this group the last couple years. hey jerry it wasnt years it was just one month. you have been caught lying. if anything theres more evidence that you like to lie in wait so you can pounce on my errors. well if i did it would sure be easy pickings. it is thats why you refuse to find proof of your innocence. ive tried to reply civilly to some of your posts that i had an interest in only to be if im lucky ignored. then you should have taken the hint and shut up. i did on those posts...since it was your loss and not mine. ok so youve decided for unknown reasons to dislike me. unknown only to you and what does that say about your maturity when like a petulant child you refuse to give me a chance to redeem myself what the heck did i do to deserve such treatment but just for your information the only person i dislike at all in the group is not you. i thought you were trying to stop hate murder and all that other crap one at a time.....what happened change of direction. dislike is not hate. look up the definitions. i dislike anchovies and sardines but i hate allergic to them. i still think we could be friends or at least civil. why it doesnt bother me not to be your friend. i could care less one way or the other. it does bother you. every time you choose to moderate or correct me you show that my mere presence in the group somehow offends you. those posts are expressions of those feelings. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .

From : paul jensen

last year i replaced the serpentine belt on by 97 dodge ram 1500 5.2l truck because it was very noisy. apparently it had never been changed since new so its first change was at about 85000 miles. no problem. squeal stopped. in the last two months ive noticed the squeal is back but not as loud so ive been ignoring it. today while i was driving i heard a clunking noise under the hood and discovered that the belt had start to shreds and the cord side near the engine was coming apart. the noise was the loose piece of cord hitting various things in the belt path. i cut the loose cord piece off stopped and bought another belt and replaced it when i got home. when i put the new belt on things looked good with the alignment. i started the truck and checked the alignment again. with the truck running the belt is riding the engine side of the bottom pulley very hard which explains why the previous belt finally failed. whats causing this alignment problem and how do i fix it ** due to spam i no longer receive email responses to ** group postings so dont bother. .

From : markedwardz

the width of the rear fenders puts you outside the 80-inch width to run without clearance lights see federal motor vehicle safety standard #108. rick -- my real e-mail address is im looking at ordering a 3500 quad cab short bed. is there a way for the dealer to delete the clearance lights i dont mind the roof lights as much as the ugly one in the middle of the tailgate. .