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More Q's regarding new (to me) Ram Van

From : robert westbrook

Q: thanks guys! have a good one! yes there should be no reason it cant be put on. however.... keep in mind that depending on where you go to have it installed i dont think this is an item you want to do yourself least i wasnt brave enough! you might lose a key. the new trucks have that specially coded key therefore... a transponder needs to be installed also. some places now carry a keyless transponder that will allow you to keep both keys you recieved with the will have to ask around. and make sure you go to a reputable auto electronics dealer. you dont want to risk your new trucks electronics on second grade inferior products or services .i had a ultrastart 1600 installed on my 2003 c/c dakota with the keyless transponder and it works great. frosty on sat 16 aug 2003 004348 gmt larry wrote hello out there is it possible to have command start on the 2003 dodge ram quad 1500 hemi thanks larry .


From : tom lawrence

here is another..might even be from the same guy just mirrored.. http// huggins says... just purchased 2003 dakota quad cab with the 4.7 engine. i had hoped to at least be able to do the first oil change myself. cant seem to spot the oil filter. please help! if you look down between the battery and the radiator and the power steering pump you will see a black plastic thing that looks like a chute protruding toward the radiator. follow the chute with your eyes back toward the engine and at the widest part of that black chute you will find a black oil filter. be sure to get a base fitted oil filter attachment from you local wally super store to fit your 3/8 ratchet. you will really need this in order to get the filter loose as it is impossibly tight as provided from the factory! also the damn 14mm drain plug was put on by a gorilla at the factory too not to mention the oil filler cap. i changed mine the first time at 1500 miles and used a fram doublegard filter the number is dg-16 and now i change it at 3000 mile intervals using the fram orange filters ph-16. enjoy! - read the following article and see if you still want to use fram filters http// tml not ragging on ya i used to use fram myself. i quit after reading this article. it ended up being the final factor in that decision. tom heintz mopar maniac .

From : hal

i had an explorer and shocks were a problem on it! the best ride i got out of any shock was the edelbrock ias models. the monroes from sensatrac reflex or monroe matic didnt hold up well at all. started ok but within 6 months of mostly street driving in a 2wd thye were mush. edelbrock is pricey compared to monroe but it is the best imho. yes monroe does make the ranch line. im considering replacing my shocks on the 2k dak. i switched to 285/75/16s and the shocks are showing thier 72k miles. my truck is mostly an around the town driver but i take it on 2/3 1000 mile or more trips a year. i added a good bit of weight with a custom winch mount bumper and 9k warn winch hard tauneau bike rack and tool box. anyone try the edelbrocks trailmaster ssvs rancho rsxs thoughts on any of these think there is something better out there input is apreciated! sean rec.bicycles.marketplace .

From : robert westbrook

does this look like the right thing http// i wonder which of those three i should get i am only concerned with the headlights in the case of canadian regulations for imported vehicles - they only require the headlights be on not the signal/hazards. greg surratt wrote on wed 20 aug 2003 142656 -0400 circuit breaker /dev/null@ wrote im interested in this. besides if im not mistaken the drl module runs your parking lamps on the bright i.e. turn signal filament and makes them stand out better during the day which is the whole point i thought. also do the tail lights come on with drl module no. im curious too because id like to have drl on my 90 daytona es as well just to have them. jc whitney sells a couple modules for about $20. one wire to a headlight wire one to the alternator. .