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Mig welding on exhaust system.

From : eric blair

Q: paul jensen rambled on about something in thund3rstruck thund3rstruckn0i@hotmail.comremove wrote in rick rambled on about something in wmnsa.33838$ sure its the law that you recover if you have to do a repair. but the law also say that you can add refrigerant to top off a system. the law is there for a reason. ever stop to think about that for a bit what reason would that be other than to make liberals feel better about themselves because they did something about the myth known as global warming i said the law existed for a reason. never said it was real or not. g ftr i dont believe that cfc gasses contribute to what some refer to as global warming but thats a debate for another area imo... noi .


From : tom lawrence

paul jensen wrote the law is there for a reason. ever stop to think about that for a bit what reason would that be other than to make liberals feel better about themselves because they did something about the myth known as global warming venting of cfcs never had anything to do with global warming. venting of cfcs is about the destruction of the ozone layer of our atmosphere and the increase in the number of cases of skin cancer. global warming is about the increase of the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the climatological changes that would occur. two different animals. uv radiation versus ir radiation. there you learned something. .

From : andy

thats ok roy post whatever you want... on sat 19 jul 2003 184329 -0400 roy wrote boy some people just dont understand that groups are for everyone not just the select few who think they own it. this is a dodge group and i can post my feeling about them. if not then show me where it tells me you own this group. grow up and get a life. well i guess i can post my feelings too. you are a friggin idiot. roy remove spam for e-mail .

From : jim doyle

had the same problem on my 98. the gasket around the light dries out and leaks its not the window. i just took the light off and made a silicone seal for it. if i had to do it again i would have bought a new gasket for it though... matt has anyone experienced a leak when it rains on your rear window just noticed i have a leak on my rear window around the light but not sure if that is where it is coming from if you did what did you do to fix it thanks. .

From : tbone

on mon 21 jul 2003 132825 gmt budd cochran wrote twist and spin greg. duck and weave. dont answer direct because youll find you cannot lie out of it. budd no i just find it odd that you whine and complain like a little boy that i wished you dead and then you post that i should load a dozen strong hives in pieces into my van and then drive around to stir all million of them up. who is wishing who dead here again you prove you know nothing but post away as an expert saying i read it on the web it must be true. theres no wriggling here thats you moving around squishing the shit in your diaper around like a monkey playing with its food. you spout your mouth off about your morals and object to thou shalt not commit adultery but then post lies. i guess moses wasnt looking in your direction when he read thou shalt not bear false witness. you have no knowlege of what i put in my truck any more than i have of yours yet you come in here and make statements as fact. now that you have finished the cushman why dont you get you kids to take you over to the nursing home to find you another pitiful project to keep you occupied for another ten years. when you can explain to me how a dead man or even a badly injured man and i use the term man loosely can type a post then maybe i will apologise to you. i

From : nathan w collier

so if im understanding this topic correctly the problem is that there are so many broken down dodges sitting at dealers that theyve got enough work and dont have any impetus to treat the customer any better than they absolutely have to... which would explain why when i went into the local selling dealer which i havent been to in 4 1/2 years since they last screwed up a repair on my truck and requested that a technician accompany me for a test drive to verify a torque converter lock/unlock problem that was presenting at that moment... they were too busy... so ill find a different dealer again and with a little luck itll be another 4 1/2 years before i go back in there... oh and while i agree that some customers have a poor attitude at dealers it would be very good for the dealer to remember that those same customers will recommend that their friends family acquaintances and co-workers buy from that dealer or from a different one. and 1 pissed off customer will tell a whole lot more people about their shabby treatment than a happy one will tell of their good treatment... .

From : gary carter

you should go after u-haul. they are a mess. i have a feeling that id be standing in a long line to do that. - i told him that it sounded like all he needed to do to make people happy was to give them what they were promised. he didnt talk to me anymore. lol.....ill bet! i certainly learned my lesson the hard/expensive way. check out the problems i had before i even left on the trip. keep in mind this doesnt include the dozen or so break downs along the way or having to be towed up all the hills. this is another part of the 7 page letter i wrote to uhaul ----------------------------- dear sirs i would like to describe my recent experience with uhaul in hopes of helping to prevent anyone else from having to experience the hell that myself and my family have been through in the past two weeks as a direct result of the lack of customer service we received. having a lifetime dream of moving out west from north carolina we were very excited when my wife was hired by ******* in great falls. after learning that ******* has a corporate account at uhaul i began to research my moving options at i downloaded the marketing video on the 26 super mover and i was very impressed with all the additional features and benefits that the competition did not offer. although a competitor was $700 cheaper than uhaul their trucks did not offer the features of the super mover so i ultimately decided upon uhaul to move my family and i safely on our 2500 mile journey. several weeks before my scheduled move i called uhaul to reserve the 26 super mover that is advertised and promoted in the marketing video. having been warned previously concerning using a diesel powered truck in the mountains i explained that i needed a diesel and was reassured by the national corporate reservations office 800.528.6042 that i would receive a truck comparable to the one i saw in the marketing video. i was also guaranteed oral a manual transmission that would aid in braking while descending the steep mountain grades. at the same time i reserved a hitch for my wifes jeep cherokee as well as other trailer towing accessories and moving supplies. after uhaul phoned mrs. ******* at ******* the reservations agent assured me that the accessories were approved and would be waiting for me to pick up when i picked up the truck. i was contacted on that same day by my local uhaul office in raleigh nc 919.875.0059. they reassured me they would have a diesel powered 26 super mover identical to the one advertised and promoted in the uhaul marketing video for pick up on the day of my move. i called them back a week before my scheduled move to confirm the accuracy of my reservation particularly the availability of the diesel powered truck and was again assured that they would be able to provide me with exactly what i reserved accessories included. they did not know which uhaul lot i would go to and promised to call me on july 3 to give me pick up information. july 3 came and went and i got no phone call. when i attempted to call them they had closed for the day so i called 800.528.6042 and they could not give me the pick up information. the morning of the 4th the raleigh office called and told me to pick up my truck at the local fayetteville uhaul moving center. later that morning i headed to the uhaul moving center on bragg blvd. in fayetteville nc. i signed all the paperwork and gathered my accessories and was informed that i would have to pay for the accessories out of pocket because they had not been approved for the corporate account. i informed the manager that uhaul reservations had already received authorization for the over the counter items and was told that i would have to make a second trip back to her lot in about an hour to pick up the items while she got them approved. i had made my reservations weeks in advance to prevent these hang-ups; this was just the first sign of much trouble to come. with that i headed out to pick up the 26 truck figuring i would make a second trip to pick up the accessories later in the day. i met with one of the mechanics who brought up the trailer hitch for my wifes jeep cherokee although i couldnt leave with it because it had not been approved along with the other over the counter items and he showed me were the 26 truck was parked. i became concerned as soon as i sat down inside the truck. there was a large portion of the dash missing and exposed wiring was hanging out through the large holes in the dash. i cranked the engine and started to exit the parking lot when i became concerned about the noises the truck was making. at that point i knew that it did not sound like a diesel and i knew that something wasnt running right due to the way the exhaust was popping. i stopped the mechanic who had brought the jeep cherokee trailer hitch out and he assured me that the truck had been gone over thoroughly by trained mechanics