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Lug nut stuck on lug - I'm up the creek.

From : jb

Q: on. i notice that when this happens that when i shut the truck off and take the key out the steering wheel is not locked. not sure on the 03s but previous year rams only locked the steering wheel upside-down. if i turn the key one and bounce the tilt wheel up and down a few time i can get it to work. my guess would be a bad ignition switch/loose wire in the connector. pin #8 on the connector dark green wire is the dedicated feed for the blower motor fed by a 40a fuse fuse #4 on pin #1 of the connector pink/black wire. is it still under warranty .


From : honkonbobo

slips too. any ideas yeah - see that little book in the glove compartment probably with the cellophane wrapper still on it read it. .

From : carolina watercraft works

hello i have a 2001 dodge cummins with 116000 miles. i was pulling a load and the motor shut down. i still hear the fuel pump running and i have plenty of fuel. any suggestions .

From : Annonymous

in usa it really makes no sense. europe is totally different matter - there is reasonable number of lpg filling stations and its almost 2x cheaper than gasoline please define the expression 2x cheaper and/or write the mathematical equation for that statement. lpg price per liter = gasoline price per liter / 2 satisfied now ; peter .

From : robs440

details on a site http// .

From : honkonbobo

snowing like hell about a inch a hour. supposed to stop late this afternoon. you must have gotten this yesterday or was it south of you roy fur face sheeesch. i shaved last week.. it started snowing a little after noon and i started in last night at 11pm and just got finished. got about 5-6 inches with a bit of wind to make it interesting. was a nice snow to push if it hadnt been in foot and a half ridges along the down-wind side of every building. we had a weird storm. snow about an inch a hour went to sleet back to snow then thunder lightning and snow in excess of 3 a hour for a total of about 12-14. heavy wet stuff that froze up during the night. put in about 16 hours then out for 6 more this morning. have i mentioned how much i like those revos yup ya did!! i gotta get something going with tire and weight. im useing the bfg rugged trail tas that came with the truck. they seem to bite pretty well self clean good too. im going to form and pour some concrete that will fit behind the wheel wells and extend back to the tailgate probably 12 high. hopefully that weight will take care of the few traction problems ive run into. i do miss the blizzaks though they were the best imho. but if the weight works ill stay with what i have. are the revos a dedicated tire or can ya run them in the summer i would nothing less than a dedicated tire.... nuthin worse than ambivalent ones..... hey !! i didnt mention your girly man seats this winter. g roy mike have fun!! i did nothing but cash this morning. tired sleepy and grouchy fur face but ill bet well fed! g roy .

From : steve w

i just bought a very high mileage 1997 dodge ram van 3500 with a wheelchair lift. early indications are the front ball joints are shot. what other problems am i most likely to encounter with this vehicle it was formerly owned by a hospital. a spokesman told me it had been serviced every 3000 miles. the engine runs good and the tranny sounds fine. thanks for any insights you can provide. i have a 1995 and as long as it runs and shifts fine i would concentrate on the front end as you have looking at the ball joints and tie rod ends. mine had an electrical problem just after i got it but i think that was a result of squirrel activity. i carry hevy loads so i go through front brake linings every 25k miles or so. where are you located hre in ny rust is the most certain cause of death. .

From : tom lawrence

any idea why chrysler welds the stainless exhaust systems with regular welding material $$$ my stock exhaust on my 03 wasnt welded anywhere.... it was all crimped to hell with those damn saddle clamps. can stainless be welded with stainless sure.... er308 wire with tri-mix gas helium/argon/co2 does stainless nicely on my mig welder. yeah - tig is nicer but it takes too damn long. if i were welding up some ss pipes on a bench id use my tig. if i were welding up over my head out of position id use and have used my mig. however that aside i much prefer band clamps to welding when it comes to exhaust pipes. i tend to burn myself much less tightening up clamps and dont need the cut-off tool to take it apart later on .

From : coasty

hp and kw are the same thing just different ways of expressing the ability to perform work over time.. the same but different...... which was the point right basically means an engine can be rated without measuring torque. -- max there are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty soap ballot jury and ammo. please use in that order. -ed howdershelt author the original statement was that to move a load of x lbs. at y mph requires z hp. however that hp is created be it lotsa torque with low rpms or little torque and lotsa rpm matters not. somehow people are missing the fact that hp is the force with motion which indicates work done or capable of being done.. ill readily agree that its an arbitrary unit but that unit comes from a finite formula that can have the same result despite different numbers being plugged in. i think the quotes from the f1 guys are comical. both refer to specific tracks... wonder what they say about other tracks where wide open running dictates that hp is the key also comical is the statement that no matter what engine you are looking at torque is the basis of the hp rating. no quite true. many dynos measure kw which can be converted directly to hp. most industrial engines have a kw rating and most overseas diesel manufacturers especially the europeans use kw ratings without hp being mentioned until it hits the us market. hp and kw are the same thing just different ways of expressing the ability to perform work over time.. mike -- max there are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty soap ballot jury and ammo. please use in that order. -ed howdershelt author i agree with matthew. it is all about torque. the original statement was that to move a load of x lbs. at y mph requires z hp. however that hp is created be it lotsa torque with low rpms or little torque and lotsa rpm matters not. .

From : Annonymous

on thu 8 dec 2005 080125 -0700 big al wrote so they dont make truly stainless steel exhaust systems that dont rust at all its physically impossible to produce an alloy of steel that never rusts. however - higher quality stainless steels will resist rusting better than lower quality ones. the goal of the automaker is to produce an exhaust system that doesnt rot through for the life of the vehicles warranty. given that the maximum lifetime of that warranty is 7 years or 100000 miles biggest service contract you can buy the fact that your 4-year-old exhaust is starting to show signs of surface rust and im sure thats all it is id say its perfectly normal. any idea why chrysler welds the stainless exhaust systems with regular welding material can stainless be welded with stainless al chrysler and virtually all other manufacturers weld with mild steel wire because it is cheaper easier and it is good enough. and yes stainless can be welded with stainless wire. it is a little less forgiving and works best with tig rather than mig - which makes it more labour intensive. robots can mig quite well. .

From : helpful g

this sounds more like you are dropping excessive packets than a problem with the reader. free agent is a good reader but it may have the same problems. since you are paying for this service i would contact their help lines first and make sure that is not an issue on their side or something not configured properly on yours and if nothing their i would contact your cable company and have them send one of their competent techs out to check your system. i had a similar problem with both groups and e-mail and it turned out to be a bad router somewhere in the cable companies system. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving what is happening when you try and connect to it with oe -- oe wont download more than one message at a time if and a really big if at that i get it to connect to tera at all. i had similar trouble with forte free agent and the newest netscape. its so darn frustrating im about ready to go back to dial up . . . . oh god did i just say that budd .

From : bob

i think theres a lot of fallicies about oil floating out there and what oils should be used on particular vehicles. thicker oil wont necessarily protect any better and in fact may do more damage than good. if thicker oil was better hell throw 15w40 in there even 20w50 better yet lets put 75w90 in there if you read up on oil youll find essentially that multi-weight oils become what they need to be according to weather and engine temperature. thats the purpose and design of multi weight oils versus the straight weight oils of yesteryear. a 5w30 oil is 5 weight when an engine is cold upon start-up then as the engine warms up in effect becomes a 30 weight oil. with a new vehicle that the manufacturer states 5w30 thats what you should be using not 10w40 20w50 or whatever. the only reason an engine that calls for 5w30 and is burning it is most likely due to wear-high mileage and then yes perhaps a heavier weight oil would be more suitable for a high milage engine. or an oil additive on my chevy suv ive used 5w30 since new never deviated to any other weight and my vehicle has never consumed oil that id have to add a drop between oil changes. engines will last a long time if you properly take care of them. some people neglect to even check their oil on a regular periodic basis then find theyre 2-1/2 qts low. this is what really tortures an engine. a more correct accurate statement would be synthetics will protect better than conventional oils particularly in temp extremes. another truth is that cheap 99 cent a qt oil is recycled oil. you basically get what you pay for. mark .

From : tom lawrence

guess fifty years from now well be buying al qaida made vehicles and tvs. beekeep oh lord i hope not. otoh we didnt learn from wwii and now japan has taken us over without firing a shot mopars are german and my cat is neutered. budd please let us have a moment of silence for those that gave everything in every war. .