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Looking for '92-'96(?) Dakota 6 lug spare tire 15in X 6in wheels

From : authorized reviewer

Q: i want to get a 1992 thru 1996 spare silver painted steel wheel. this is the old style stamped steel 4 slot wheel 15in x 6in which was only used as a spare tire wheel from 1992 through 1996 model years. i have an extra used dakota styled 6 lug steel wheel with plastic ram centercap and worn but correct size tire mounted to trade for your dakotas spare wheel if local to middle tn. if you want to swap your spare wheels tire onto the trade wheel then i can give you your tire back after unmounting it. i need two of these wheels so if you work at a junk yard or autobody place and can get them used cheaply i may consider an outright purchase. thank you. thank you. .