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Longest running program 'The Car Show' is being forced off the air!!!

From : nunya

Q: yep the pilot bearing that is in the end of the crankshaft. you have to take the trans out to get to it i wouldnt bother trying to lube it just replace it and be done with it. i you try to lube it and it doesnt work you have to take the trans out again. that sounds like way too much work for these old bones. bg denny you mean the pilot bearing is dragging on the shaft it rides on front of the tranny. lubrication is what it needs my guess is the pilot bearing is starting to tie up. ive seen this several times on the cummins. denny manual transmission clutch not releasing ok heres the truck. 1999 2500 diesel 5 speed. 57000 miles. no prior transmission or clutch problems. yesterday it was 100 degrees out and i drove the truck on a shopping errand about 50 miles away. i left the truck running at several stops. i noticed it was becoming stiff or difficult to shift. i couldnt get the truck into 2nd at one light so i left it in neutral while the light was red i had to kill the engine to put the tranny in gear and then restart. it was not releasing fully as when i started it to dragged the truck forward with the clutch depressed. i got on the interstate and headed home. after driving the 50 miles it now releases perfectly. the fluid reservoir is full. comments suggestions could the fluid in the system have boiled from the heat .


From : rather b beachen

never heard of it for those of you for the past 30 years have grown up listening to the car show on radio station kpfk - this morning they announced that their program is being taken off the air!!! this is the decision of two people the general manager of the station eva georgia - and its program director armando gudino - i hope everyone will take the time to write to these people and tell them not to remove a program that has become a part of the truck and automobile culture of california. after 30 years theyve become a part of southern californias history. dont let it die away. please write them asap. sincerely robert jensen .