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Longest running program 'The Car Show' is being forced off the air!!!

From : dick

Q: stephen ive heard that volvo tests for moose strikes too. when the first lh bodies came out circa 93 i heard stories that because of the profile of the body and during the braking nosedive a deer could be forced up the hood and through the windshield. i have not witnessed this personally but since momma has an lh it has always been of some concern. mike roy wrote glad to see that you are okay. there have been numerous problems with deer ill chime in on congrats for your survival. i suppose the new ram gets one new victory mark on the door for this encounter around here. moose further north have been coming through the windshield when hit. interesting story ive heard about saabs. dont know if its true but still a cool story. saab tests for moose actually caribou or reindeer i think hits which are apparently common in sweden. moose and caribou both have very long legs so the idea is in event of a collision the front end of the car is designed to allow the beast to slide up over the hood and windshield and over the car rather than through it! they have some sort of test dummy reindeer/moose/caribou that they test the vehicle with. hey like i said a great story no matter its truth! smh .