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Longest running program 'The Car Show' is being forced off the

From : budd cochran

Q: there seems to be about a 6-10 sec delay when i switch from vent to defrost. is this normal for the 2003 model ive already found a glitch with my cd player and need to know if this delay needs fixed when i return to my dealer. this is my first dodge and its brand new so i dont know really what normal is for them. thanks. .


From : budd cochran

me neither . . .must be a california thing. budd nunya wrote never heard of it for those of you for the past 30 years have grown up listening to the car show on radio station kpfk - this morning they announced that their program is being taken off the air!!! this is the decision of two people the general manager of the station eva georgia - and its program director armando gudino - i hope everyone will take the time to write to these people and tell them not to remove a program that has become a part of the truck and automobile culture of california. after 30 years theyve become a part of southern californias history. dont let it die away. please write them asap. sincerely robert jensen .