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Keyless Entry -- Does my truck have it?

From : reamer

Q: -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving tbone wrote it was completely the wrong way to move. the person who actually caused 9/11 is still running free and laughing at us because we are now wasting our resources on a pointless conflict that caused the very problem that is now keeping us from leaving. see here tbone you say the left supports our troops to succeed. i said no such thing. i said that the left and for that matter most of the country supports our troops. most of the country no longer supports this dumb ass pooly planed war which btw is no longer a war it is now an occupation. but here you are just bitching about the past. no im talking about our current presidents complete screwup of this situation. you who keeps bringing up clinton are the one bitching about the past. fine think what you may. and i will and am now in the significant majority. i asked you about how to go forward and the above rant is your response. really where did you ask that. as for going foward that would be just about impossible now thanks to our current presidents screwups. no support for our troops to succeed. lol more right wing idiotic spin. please explain exactly how our troops can succeed. the one truly not supporting out troops is our president. .


From : reamer

common rail pump by allowing it to cavitate. there apparently is no low fuel pressure detection with this truck. undoubtedly this is the cause of so many pump failures we all hear about. well yes but no. the 2nd gen trucks 98.5 to 02 with the vp44 pump are very sensitive to lack of fuel. the cp3 pump on the common-rail trucks is much more tolerant of low fuel pressure and failure of these pumps have been very few and far between compared to the vp44 failures. however - you just found out how barely adequate the stock fuel pump is for these engines. when adding power upgrades that deliver more fuel you really need to do something about the fuel system to keep the cp3 fed with fuel. i would highly suggest one of the available pusher pump kits for your truck. a normal running pressure of 6psi doesnt leave a lot of room for error. to compare i run a fass system on my truck which idles at 17psi and at wot with about 600hp wont drop below about 12psi. tom what transmission do you have in it how about if ya have the time post a list of the mods thus far. im starting to get nibbled by the bomb bug again. roy .

From : tom lawrence

try super ive been using it with direcway for along time been ok dale budd cochran wrote thanks tom. its sure nice to download 15 mb in 15 minutes rather than close to 4 hours!!! but they dont offer a server so its google groups until i find a good free server. budd .