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Key & keyless entry FOB stolen....options?

From : denny

Q: on sat 05 jul 2003 095008 -0700 jack wrote run for office. youve got the conflicting position thing down pat. did that crazy thing in 1990. almost got elected to the ca state assembly. rather b. beachen .


From : trey

i have a 1996 dodge b2500 ram van 5.2l. ac gets cold but has a strange problem. i normally set the ac setting to vent. the problems is when i accelerate or tax the engine slightly up a hill the venting system changes on its own from vent to bi-level to defrost. once the engine smoothes out the venting changes back to the proper vent selection. does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this problem dan .

From : denny

my friend was in the parking lot and hit her remote to unlock her car. and the car three stalls down unlocked too! is there anything coming up like an encrypted/dynamically coded remote there are so many cars with remotes these days its going to happen more and more. my favorite though was standing in the parking lot at college and seeing this guy trying to unlock his tricked out honda. he could turn on the engine the stereo and roll down the windows but could not figure out how to unlock the door to get in. as long as this is a factory keyless system you need to buy 1 new fob. with the new fob and your old one in hand the dealer can reprogram them together. when these are programmed the stolen fob will no longer work. it doesnt cost much to reprogram fobs about $15-$20 us. if you have an aftermarket add-on system you will need to get a fob from whoever made the system. denny one of the keys and one of the keyless entry fobs for my 1998 quadcab was stolen from near our house last night. i put a call into my dealer and they said they could re-key the locks and ignition they sublet this out to a locksmith cost around cdn $300 but they couldnt do anything about the keyless entry system. this sounds like total bs to me! cant a dealership reprogram the entry system and the one remaining entry fob so that the missing fob wont work anymore please someone tell me this is possible. ive checked around on car alarm systems with remote entry these are around $350...but then i would still have to get the locks and ignition rekeyed jusst in case someone decides to drive off with the alarm going. any help appreciated. m. calgary canada .

From : anon

scrape at mindspring dot com wrote on mon 07 jul 2003 083721 gmt exit wrote i dont doubt the figures but surely this is precisely what would be expected in a rich economy and dare i say it be desirable from both a social and economic perspective. from another post of yours a little further down i bet you dont - im a right wing conservative. small & large c those two statements dont support each other. only from your narrow perspective. i am a member of the uk conservative party the main right wing uk political party which believes in the free market self-determination and low tax low public spending. within that group the majority subscribe to one-nation conservatism which in essence believes that through the success of the free market and whilst keeping public spending to a minimum the whole country benefits financially from certain social expenditure such as ensuring the less well-off are healthy and well educated so that they can be more productive. a good example is the national health service - essentially a socialist ideal but in fact a well run nhs costs tax-payers less per month than private healthcare leaving them more disposable income to do what they like with than forcing them to spend more on private healthcare. this leaves more income to be spent in the economy with the resultant benefits. okay help me out with this one. if every customer or citizen if you prefer is getting more service than they are paying taxes to cover.... how is this possible or to put it another way who is getting shafted the health providers -- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner .