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Kenseth in the Busch series

From : redneck tookover hell

Q: well the truck was poorly maintained when i got it used i dont have $22k to hand to dodge dealers and the first thing i noticed was how it really didnt have much acceleration from an idle position. when i put the k&n filter on it was like night and day...sorry i dont remember you being in the seat next to me when i did all this- so who the heck are you to laugh im not gonna say i know it all about this truck ive had it a month. before that i was stuck with a mazda b2300 4-banger which was dying a slow death. now maybe you inherently know so damn much about trucks possibly conceived in the back of one but i came here to learn and to share what i do know. i am glad i gave you so much pleasure in that naive statement i made before about this flippin filter. do you have some good advice for me obi wan on how to maximize performance & mileage on a 1998 v6 ram with 102000 miles on it right now i am getting about 16.5 mpg and am hoping for all ears let me know what else i can do oh wise one. if you dont have anything constructive to add then i urinate in your general direction. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! thats the best joke posted here in a while my k&n is what gave me better response from a stop and pedal response. .


From : roy

all this reminds me of what happened to me years ago. i had a 63 rambler and the tie rod ends were bad. i went to the local auto parts store and bought a pair of them and installed them. i then took the car to a local tire shop to get the front end aligned. the guy came back and told me they couldnt align the front end because my tie rod ends were bad. i said that was kind of funny because i had just got done putting a new pair on about 45 minutes ago. he turned all red i took my keys and drove off with my car to another shop. it tickles me to see the posts on this ng and the length posters feel we dealers will go to to screw people and the lengths photos of each wheel they feel the consumer must go to to avoid being screwed! jeesh guys... get a life! it happens mike... believe me it happens. a couple of years ago a colleague had to take his bmw in for a leaking valve cover gasket out of warranty. to be safe he marked a few of the valve cover bolts with some white-out. the next day we went to pick up the vehicle. the sm said all the work was done no problems and he should be good to go. before paying the $450 bill we went out and popped the hood. every white mark was untouched. we closed the hood walked back inside and commented on what an amazing job the tech did. when the sm got a slightly confused look on his face my friend said yeah you managed to change the gasket without ever removing the cover. thats simply amazing!. the sms face turned white. he babbled for a bit then called the tech over. my friend explained the white-out trick. the tech stared for a minute then got pissed you set a trap for me! he yelled - as if it was my friends fault. needless to say some words were exchanged punches were almost thrown and we wound up leaving. the vehicle finally got repaired at another dealership and this time the white-out was scratched off the bolt heads - we checked. it does happen... maybe not often and im sure not in your shop but not all shops are run like yours. i know tom and you are absolutely correct it sadly does happen but to listen to some in this ng it sounds like every dealer is a crook and that is painting with a mighty broad brush. mike .

From : beekeep

it took him over 4 friggin years to do anything!!!!!!!!!!! bg ive been telling ya for over.four friggin years that kenseth is the man. eventually youll wake up to that fact at least he keeps beating that loser earnhardt every year! no not actually. he finished behind earnhardt the last year they were in busch. earnhardt won the championship kenseth was second. bristol tonite!!!! roy go matt!!! .