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From : joe follest

Q: nice to see someone else talk about dodge automatic transmissions not making the grade over the long haul. thats the one reason i would steer away from the dodge. ive had several transmission mechanics tell me the same thing. i find it interesting that this is a chevy truck group but more people seem to favor dodge and ford over chevy. maybe just on this particular question. for what its worth im driving a 78 chevy big 10 that i bought new. its got a 350-4 barrel with an automatic transmission. its pulled horse and stock trailers travel trailers and hauled an overhead and motorcycle trailer behind. it isnt worth squat in snow because its a 2-wheel drive. but its got 320000 miles on the original engine and transmission. the body is shot from rust. the cruise quit working and i got tired of throwing cables into it only to have them break. the air conditioning has a leak and since its the old refrigerant would cost too much to redo. im tired of the truck but it still runs. its done its work and now im ready for a new one. ill probably buy a 4-wheel drive gmc sierra 4-door with all the trimmings. or if i come to my senses and decide that no truck is worth $40000 i might take a look at the canyon or colorado when they come out. i know they arent real trucks but may take one for a drive anyway. with a large truck i would go diesel. if you decide on a dodge run away if they try to sell you an automatic. the cummins is a great engine but the dodge automatic transmission is criminally unreliable. charles perry p.e. .


From : redneck tookover hell

damn what a pussy get hit a couple times and just park the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bg maybe he should have ryan newman give him lessons on how to drive a car without power steering .

From : redneck tookover hell

it took him over 4 friggin years to do anything!!!!!!!!!!! bg ive been telling ya for over.four friggin years that kenseth is the man. eventually youll wake up to that fact .

From : robert e smith

wow. thanks for all the replies. your right mike i didnt keep up with the tire pressure during this period. ive been driving it for nearly a week now and it seems to be getting smoother than it was the first couple of days. i drive 80 miles round trip each day so ive put a lot of miles on them the last few days. im assuming they will wear into their new location to a certain point but some irreversible damage has already been done. lesson learned. thanks for all your input. thanks for the followup tj! it has been my experience that if you check the tps every 30 days and rotate the tires every 6k you will not have the type of problem you have experienced plus your tires will last a lot longer. if you change your oil every 3k then a rule of thumb that i use to remind yourself of rotations is every other oil change. mike mike simmons wrote it tickles me to see the posts on this ng and the length posters feel we dealers will go to to screw people and the lengths photos of each wheel they feel the consumer must go to to avoid being screwed! jeesh guys... get a life! we have much better things to do with our time than to sit around trying to figure out how to screw the next customer that comes in the door..... if you read the original post the poster indicated he went a liitle long before his first tire rotation... 15k miles..... yeah.... exactly twice as long as recommended..... and if he was a conscientious about his tire pressures as he was about his rotation schedule do you think it may be possible that his tires were worn a mite unevenly leading to cupping...... hmmmmmm and then when they were finally rotated the uneven tire wear was demonstrated to him as a vibration i think this is much more plausible than the dealer trying to screw him.... but then what do i know mike .

From : roy

harvick will overcome paint boy this week in the winston cup standings. he needs 5 points not all that hard. the 17 will dnf saturday night! he could dnf for 2 races and still be leading. ive been telling ya for over.four friggin years that kenseth is the man. eventually youll wake up to that fact dodge only has one car in the top ten. that will be all at the end of the season as well. that is probably the one accurate thing ya posted in the past few monthsg roy beekeep .

From : redneck tookover hell

hey thanks for the post. i had my hemi in for the 9000 mile service oil/filter change. i had read this the morning before i picked the truck up. i cranked up the engine started reading the work done and there is was....up to 5 quarts of oil was added to your engine....well i just shut it down right in the middle of the service bay and pulled the dip stick...sure enough the dang thing was low below the operating range. if it had not been for this post and others like it..... i was getting ready for a 600 mile run to ky i dont want to think about running the engine two quarts low through the mountains and plains at 65 to 75 mph. anyway just want to thank you and the group for the information that newbees like me get from this group! thanks marshall i had mine done at the dealer when i had the 18k service on my 03 2500hd hemi...they rotated and balanced the tires. on the work order it said the air pressure in each tire was 41 pounds. i had 70 pounds in the rear as i pull a 5th wheeler pretty often. after i left the dealer i went over a rr track and about lost control. the 70 pound tires where now on the front...and still 70 pounds. i adjusted the pressure back to 41 pounds but i still had a rough ride at high speeds. i took the truck to my normal tire dealer and he re-checked the balance and said all 4 tires were so far out of balance that he doubted the dealer even looked at them. he did the job and all is fine... the same dealer has also been doing almost all my oil changes. on the work order it said all fluid levels were okay and they filled my washer. upon my current trip to el paso from dallas it became time to change my oil again. the dealer down here was so crowded i decided to go to a quick oil change place. i told the guy i was gonna watch and if he had a problem with that i would go else where. he said fine with him. he changed the oil and filter had to remind him it hold 7 quarts when he checked the rear end he said he couldnt feel any fluids....i looked too and he was right just a little grease in the very bottom.. the is no indication of leaks and it appears that the access bolt has never been removed...i asked him to put some orange lock-tight on the bolt so i can catch the bastards next time.... moral of my story....take your truck to a reliable place of business these 5-star dealers are a bunch of thieves and liars and since the paperwork says they did the work who do you think dc is gonna believe when your engine transmission or rear end blows up... scott hendryx -- moparman----remove clothes to reply ok i went a little long on rotating my tires. they have 15k on them. before i rotated them there was no problem and a smooth ride but after rotating them it shakes the snot out of you between 60 and 70 mph. was it too late to rotate will it smooth out over time or should i put them back where they were and forget rotating them. p265 75r 15 criss cross rotation. thanks. .

From : robert e smith

8 cyl. - 2dr -slt - automatic transmission - power window locks - power steering - power brakes - power door locks - power windows - am/fm stereo radio - alloy wheels - gauge cluster - clock - trip odometer - tachometer - air conditioning - tilt steering wheel - cruise control - tinted glass - interval wipers - carpeting - vanity mirror - day/night lever - dual sport mirrors - power remote side mirrors - heated outside mirrors - reclining seats - cloth upholstery - sport steering wheel - non skid bed liner - bed rail caps - no fog lights - inside hood release - chrome bumper - no step bumper - upper console gages. less than 7k miles - never smoked in vehicle! color maroon. cost me 4 months ago new $27k sell for $23000.00 i need a bigger truck is the only reason in selling this truck. email/call only if interested. dealers are not welcome to call also no truck magazines. this truck will not last long next week im going to put a sign on it at work and it will be gone here is your chance to own a perfect condition beautiful truck. daniel or 404-867-4921 pictures are available on request. .