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From : blueeyeddevil

Q: due to collision damage right front lower ball joint has been pushed back about 3cm 1 inch torsion bar is also warped a little bit. as a result my rf caster is now negative lf is ok. it looks like lbj is mounted solid to the frame and cannot be pushed back without some heavy machinery - please correct me if im wrong - but i could move ubj backwards to correct the caster problem. will this have any unwanted side-effects any other ideas tia peter .


From : rm

i am not able to get heat from my heater. the book says maybe the heater water valve and how to change it but fails to mention where it there is no valve on these trucks - coolant flows through the heater core at all times. check for a plugged heater core. disconnect the heater hoses from the engine side of the firewall and flush the core with a garden hose. use some spare lengths of heater hose running one into a bucket. flush it in both directions. next you should check the output from the water pump. stick both heater hoses into a bucket and have someone start the truck. you should get good flow out of one of the hoses. .