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Is there a way to check for a bad Brake Booster?

From : mike rodick

Q: any help sounds like a bad sending unit. gotta drop the tank or lift the bed off to get to it. .


From : rick

hi there.....are radar detectors allowed in montanna and south dakota states yes only virginia and i think wash dc dont allow them. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply .

From : tom debbie heintz

with the car off hold the brake pedal down. then start the car. the pedal should go down more if the booster is working. rick i have a 79 dodge and am trying to decide if i need a new brake booster for it or not. brakes are working but have to use very hard foot pressure to get them to work as they should. driven a 75 and 80 models and dont remember either of those needing that much effort. could be hoses too but havent gotten that far yet just wonering if there was a way to check the booster or not. .