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Is my transmission ruined?

From : guitar boogie

Q: i wrote ignoramus call summit and get you a new tci trans pan. they are cast aluminum and come with a plug. cooler is better with trans oil these pans help to keep the oil a little cooler. they come in three sizes # tci-128005 is the deepest for 727 or the 47rh-re series for cummins engined. regardless what the dealers tell you it is very good to change your trans oil. your trans will last longer. just curious... why do dodge ram transmission oil pans not have drain plugs it is very inconvenient to deal with a falling pan full of oil you know. i .


From : paul100

you may be right about the government overcharge. i have 17 years experience in military aviation navy. all of our boeing f/a-18 hornet grumman f-14 tomcat and douglas a-4 skyhawk manuals call them speed brakes. damn!! that has to be more fun than working on dodge/chryslers for a living. the test drives gotta be a thrill!! bg denny as maintainers we dont get to test drive them but we can run up the engines on the ground. its a real kick to get twin jet engines into afterburner. its so loud the sound vibration makes you dizzy! .