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Intermittent power loss 1500/318

From : jim

Q: sackiss wrote in what was the conditon of the coolant before the flush are you low on coolant now have seen tstat gaskets leak also have seen freeze plugs corroded through due to lack of maintence of cooling system have seen plugged radiators start with the cheap stuff tstat and radiator cap good luck bryan 97 dodge ram 98k miles v8 5.9l check engine light came on in january replaced upstream o2 sensor. check engine light came on in june replaced downstream o2 sensor. now it seems to shoot up to 220 as i accelerate then drops down to about 200 as i cruise along. sitting in traffic it runs about 210. i have never seen it get above 200 degrees until recently. has my thermostat locked up or worn out radiator was flushed and refilled about 20k miles back so the anti-freeze is good. any advice is appreciated. mark similar symptoms with my 97.... did all the cheap stuff with no change. turned out to be plugged radiator.... sb .


From : spamsucks

can anyone tell me where to look for my reverse light switch on my 98 q-cab. it is 4wd and has a 5-speed manual transmission thanks in advance. dan h. .

From : el capitan

right when the check engine light is on. the mil code is 21 which is telling me the left o2 sensor needs replacing. not necessarily. what its telling you is that the pre-cat o2 sensor the light-duty 5.9l doesnt have separate left/right o2 sensors is reading a lean condition. given that it happens only when the fuel level in the tank is low i think you can safely assume the o2 sensor is working just fine. yes youve either got a crack in the tubing inside the fuel pump module or a plugged tank vent. next time you get down to 1/4 tank of fuel and the engines running like crap go and remove the gas cap. if you hear air rushing into the tank as you loosen it and the engine returns to normal your problem is a plugged vent. if nothing changes with the cap removed then your problem is in the fuel pump module. .

From : sackiss

i have worked on dodge for 8 years and have not had the pleasure yet in both az and ca. hello everybody. i have a 98 quad cab sport 4x4. i had the front axle universals replaced under warranty @ 36000 miles and just had to replace them again at 82000. they were just about dust. i live in the western new york area so we have long winters and use allot of 4wd in the snow. im not sure if this contributes to poor universal life or not. i was just wondering how often others have had to replace theirs. thanks. dan h. .

From : ralph

i have a 96 1500 5.2l and experienced the same problem. turns out it was the vacuum hose to the servo under my battery tray. apparently acid had eaten through the hose. it cost me $5.06 at the local dealer and it was easy to replace. not sure how the cummins is configured but its probably worth a look. ralph 1999 3500 cummins cruise control stopped working. press cruise and lights up on dash will not set resume etc. i know there are a lot of inputs/outputs to make the cc work is any one a higher failure item than any other such as tps etc truck is still running fine with no transmission weirdness or anything else. any help appreciated. .