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Intake AND exhaust changes?

From : Annonymous

Q: they took a red s-10 xtreme and ripped out the 4 cylinder and got a doner z28 engine 350 ls1/4l60e they stuck the 350 in the s10 put on some yellow stripes across the roof and down the hood....then made some black stripes on the pavement! on wed 13 aug 2003 235158 gmt hamilton audio wrote believe they put a blower on one and slammed it. or was that another show b then it would be crazydog. g lol sounds like a good name for a 2.8l s-series buildup... ;o speaking of which have they ever done a project s-series .


From : david

the dodge sprinter van which is a freightliner product has the mercedes engine so maybe there is some hope for the future! not sure how the sprinter is going to be accepted... on tue 12 aug 2003 162313 gmt trey wrote they need to offer diesel in more smaller packages like the tdi. i want a diesel dont really want a giant truck nor can i afford it. i had a mercedes with the 300 td in it.... love to see that in some cryco products! .