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Intake ??????

From : joe blow

Q: on wed 09 jul 2003 133755 gmt jeramy phillips wrote m g wrote tuns out the connector to the switch was loose and once i secured it with the clip no more problems. maybe yours is that way too. good luck! i have heard of several reports of the connector coming loose over at http// that has been the most common cause for the windows to stop working or to work only part of the time. thanks you two and also carl. were about to take the door panel off right now so here goes nuthin........ .


From : budd cochran

actually no you didnt but thats ok i really expect nothing more from you. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving lol now you need to jump into this post perhaps you should respond to the post directed at you. i did. i proved your little charade or is it reality for you to be an act worthy only of a laugh so thats what i did. you keep contradicting yourself and ill keep pointing it out. have fun. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : james edmonds

new tires havent had a road hazard warranty for 20 plus years. when i bought my new truck i immediately went to a michelin dealer and bought a road hazard warranty for an additional 110 dollars. of course i didnt need it. put 63000 miles on the tires without any problem. jb on fri 11 jul 2003 201411 -0500 scanman wrote today with 2547 miles on my 2003 quad cab i ended up hitting a piece of disintegrating semi truck tire at 55mph. within 30 seconds i heard a loud constant noise and no one was around me but me so i pulled off to the side and low and behold the left rear tire is flat! so i get the jack out and change it with the spare. no problem the tires must be warranted right i mean they only been in use 30 days for 2547 miles. wrong!! ntb says they are not covered. the michelin warranty book which i finally read says road hazards are excluded in the coverage. what the hell is going on i never buy tires without a road hazard warranty where do these people from michelin have their heads when they sold dodge these tires! ntb will sell me another p245/70 r-17 with balancing mouting etc for $185.14. then the ntb guy has the audacity to try to sell me a road hazard warranty for $14.00 additional. why didnt the dodge dealer provide or sell me an additional road hazard warranty why didnt michelin provide the road hazard warranty why didnt i know this before i finally contacted the ntb dealer and read the tire warranty book i feel screwed not by dodge by michelin! crap like this shouldnt happen when less than a month ago i shell out over $20k for my quad cab! michelin claims they are #1 in customer satisfaction but certainly not in my book!! i am now looking for other tires i just may get rid of all the michelins. a very unhappy consumer! .