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ISB oil press sensor

From : bob donnelly

Q: hey folks. as the title says. just bought a 95 1/2ton short wheel base 2x4 with a 360. fully loaded except leather. she works good done up to look just like an sst. stage 2 shift kit really gives a nice chirp when she goes into 2nd... gotta love posi anyhoo got a few questions as it feels like im learning all over again so bear with me. 1. got a new set of duals put on and we took out the cat and o2 sensor and replaced the sensor in a small h-pipe located near the tail of the tranny. no more cat. i guess my question is is this too far back for the sensor no codes are being set. some people say its gotta be up by the manifolds for heat reasons. 2. is it just me or is 75% of the real throttle response only when i mash the pedal the truck is quite gutless only until i press the pedal pass the 3/4 mark. it barely squeels from a stop if i floor it. im not use to this and am not really fond of it. im used to more or less progressive acceleration and power with the lowering of the gas pedal. with this truck i only get the goods when i floor it... is it the nature of these trucks or is something else going on this engine has gobs of go but only when the pedal is on top of the manifold 3. tranny was just rebuilt but the shift points are really low. can someone fill me in on what they should be. maybe this is normal as well but need to know. if i floor it she zooms to the 4000-4500 mark. normal everyday driving she shifts at like 1200 and hits 4th o/d by the time im at a measley 65km/h. glad to be aboard. tia!! .


From : joe blow

unfortunately ken some people think that damage that happens from just operating the vehicle should be covered by warranty. of course they never read their warranty to see whats covered either. budd ken wrote you must be kidding my trucks rear bumper was slighty dented will my warranty cover a small dent or should i call the insurance. .