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I must be reading the wrong Magazines

From : jason purcell

Q: i have a 79 dodge and am trying to decide if i need a new brake booster for it or not. brakes are working but have to use very hard foot pressure to get them to work as they should. driven a 75 and 80 models and dont remember either of those needing that much effort. could be hoses too but havent gotten that far yet just wonering if there was a way to check the booster or not. mike the easy to test a vacuum brake booster is to exhaust the vacuum by pressing the brake pedal down several times before starting the truck. 4 or 5 times should do it. then hold the brake pedal down while starting the truck. the pedal should go down further if the booster is good. if it doesnt then the booster could be bad. to confirm this first check your hoses. that should be your first check because if youre not getting enough vacuum your booster wont work properly anyway. if your hoses are good & youre getting good vacuum to the booster then you can do the above test with confidence. there is a check valve going into the booster that needs to be checked also. hope this helps. let us know if you need anything else. good luck & god bless tom heintz mopar maniac .