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I just got the truck home Monday

From : ty tybala on the server at hotmail com

Q: you sure you want to know how many gallons-per-mile you are getting in that truck i recall hearing mention of the computers being in the diesels. i dont know about 96 though. when was the model change i have a 96 dodge 2500 with a v-10. did chrysler offer a fuel economy display for this model year and if not would it be very difficult to retrofit one to this vehicle tom haughton .


From : mike simmons

i have a 98 ram 1500 v6 magnum auto w/ k& n filter new cat-back magnaflow just replaced the distr cap/ rotor new spark plugs bosch platinum +2s. otherwise stock used vehicle bought from a trade-in at local dealer. the k & n helped the weak acceleration but yaknow i just replaced some seriuosly worn out plugs/distr/rotor and it had virtually no affect on mileage averageing 15.75 to 16.25 mpg. first ram for me. 102000 miles is there anything else i might try does driving with the tailgate down help any last truck was a b2300 mazda now im spending 2x at the pump and i am sad. today i did it! 18.85 mpg. ram 1500 2wd with 4.7l 5 speed auto. 65 mph avg and tonneau cover. it almost made the epa rating of 19. the truck is a 2003 with 4700 miles. whats everyones record .

From : tom lawrence

says... just purchased 2003 dakota quad cab with the 4.7 engine. i had hoped to at least be able to do the first oil change myself. cant seem to spot the oil filter. please help! if you look down between the battery and the radiator and the power steering pump you will see a black plastic thing that looks like a chute protruding toward the radiator. follow the chute with your eyes back toward the engine and at the widest part of that black chute you will find a black oil filter. be sure to get a base fitted oil filter attachment from you local wally super store to fit your 3/8 ratchet. you will really need this in order to get the filter loose as it is impossibly tight as provided from the factory! also the damn 14mm drain plug was put on by a gorilla at the factory too not to mention the oil filler cap. i changed mine the first time at 1500 miles and used a fram doublegard filter the number is dg-16 and now i change it at 3000 mile intervals using the fram orange filters ph-16. enjoy! - read the following article and see if you still want to use fram filters http// tml not ragging on ya i used to use fram myself. i quit after reading this article. it ended up being the final factor in that decision. tom heintz mopar maniac .

From : ty tybala at the server known as hotmail dot com

i have a 1992 cummins has taken to gurgling from under the dash when i go up hill or punch to pass never over heats and rad and res are always full.the heater and air conditioning work great.any suggestions .